The Veloster as it was Meant to Be

11.14.16 - Gurnade Veloster Concept

Originally when Hyundai brought the Veloster to the market the idea was for us to have a small sports car with the power needed to give us a great ride for us to enjoy. This car was to be active and fun on the road and offer a unique design. The Veloster certainly was all it was cracked up to be except it wasn’t quite the sports car that we thought it might be. This could be due to expectations that were similar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but this car has since become a simple and enjoyable hatchback, but not a real sports car.

For the SEMA show, Hyundai has partnered with tuner Gurnade Inc. to bring a third car to the show that will impress and amaze us in the way the car was meant to be. This car is a Veloster and will be called the Gurnade Veloster Concept and look like a highly aggressive and capable version of the Veloster to give us what we want to drive. This model certainly is a sports are and will be the perfect way to show exactly what the Veloster was supposed to be originally but never quite was.

This new model will offer a dynamic front splitter, integrated flares, racing canards, three piece lightweight forged wheels, a custom rear spoiler, an upgraded ECU tuning, an intercooler, downpipe and cold air intake from 845 Motorsports, a Synapse blow off valve and an ARK Performance cat back exhaust. These upgraded will certainly give us a car that looks and feel more like what we would have though the Veloster should have been to start with and possibly could be if Hyundai decides to let the reigns loose and make this car into a serious performance beast.

As for the suspension, you will see a new set of coilovers from NEO motorsports, the strut bars come from Pierce Motorsports as does the rear torsion bar and tie brace. Braking is made much better with a set of six-piston big brakes from NEO and the wheels that are contributed by Rotiform OZT will be 19-inches in size and carry the Toyo tires on them. This will make the ride sportier and let you feel every aspect of the road and be able to respond to the various needs of the road that changes levels and needs to be tamed down with a great little sports car.

On the outside this car will wear Magic Magenta paint that comes from PPG Refinish to give it a fantastic look and feel. Overall, the basics of what the Veloster looked like will still be present, but now we’ll see this car as a sports dynamo that should have been offered to begin with. The challenge with this car is to learn whether or not Hyundai can take some of these impressive improvements and give us the Veloster in this form, or something close to it as a car that we can enjoy driving and desire as a true sports car.

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