Volkswagen Group Moving Forward on Electric Models

04.25.17 - Skoda Vision E

We’ve seen the new MEB platform of VW that will offer us a ton of impressive EV models over the next several years including a plan to have thirty new models on the road across the various brands of VW Group. This means we could eventually see Audi, Porsche, Bugatti and others join in on the fun and the EV race for dominance. For now, it appears VW will focus on the name brand and add the Skoda brand as the second to join the mix and give us a vehicle that offers EV power.

The Shanghai Motor Show will give us a look at the first Skoda EV SUV that will come from this MEB platform being offered. At this show we will see a new Vision E concept, which is just a concept right now, but it will be an EV SUV that has its sights aimed at the Tesla Model X. This new SUV that will come from the Czech Republic subsidiary will offer a range of nearly 311 miles when using the European scale for range standards. While this won’t come to the US under the Skoda name, it could be shared and adopted under the Audi or Volkswagen brand names for the US in the future.

The new Skoda Vision E concept is expected to be able to enjoy a maximum charging range with the use of the 225 kW system output. This instant power output will give this SUV the ability to reach a top speed of 112 mph. This SUV is being designed with two electric motors that will allow it to offer maximum efficiency and the AWD system you want when you have a sporty and powerful SUV on the road, but there’s more for this one that will make a difference.

The Skoda SUV will be offered with level 3 autonomous vehicle requirements. This means the vehicle will be able to operate in traffic, handle autopilot functions on the highway, change lanes as needed and find available parking spaces. This will be an impressive advancement for the Volkswagen Group and will easily be a challenger for what the Tesla Model X offers on the road. This means you can have a relaxed driving experience from an SUV that gives you the dynamic drive you want and the luxury features you’ve been looking for, which suggests it may be closer to the Audi name if it makes its way to the US.

To look at the concept art that has been shown this new Vision E Concept certainly appears to be sleek and stylish to resemble a model that is going to be on the market next year, the Lamborghini Urus. We’ll know more about this SUV when it shows up in concept form next month at the show in Shanghai. Once we see this car at the show and have more of the details we’ll know better what it will be. VW does warn to remember this is just a concept so far and their first EV won’t be on the market until around 2020.

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