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Hyundai’s Claim to Fame

Hyundai's Claim to Fame

While the economy slowly recovers, money is a valid concern for most new car buyers. In a world where it’s rare to get some true bang for your buck, the high quality of Hyundai automobiles is making them one of the most popular cars on the market. Not only are they well-constructed vehicles loaded with popular features, but they are backed by what is arguably America’s best warranty.

Hyundai has slowly emerged as a front-runner in the new purchase race, as more and more people are flocking to their local dealerships to buy a well-made car at a respectable price. When the hunt is on for a new car, research plays a heavy role in the decision, and most prospective customers have yielded incredibly positive results while exploring Hyundai vehicles.

Often customers ask themselves a list of questions before they make a major purchase. One of these questions typically revolves around what happens in the instance that something serious goes wrong with a new vehicle. In the case of major failure, the car model’s warranty is of the utmost importance as serious repairs can be quite costly. It is in this respect that Hyundai is beating the pants off of the competition.

A Warranty That Makes Your Jaw Drop

From the Hyundai Elantra to the Santa Fe Sport, not only are most Hyundai models a less expensive alternative to traditional import models, but they also come backed with a warranty that is guaranteed to make a buyer look twice. Typically, a warranty on a vehicle covers a certain amount of mileage, or a set number of years, whichever happens first. During this time period, major parts of the car are covered for repairs if something were to go awry.

Hyundai’s warranty, dubbed “America’s Best”, offers 100,000 mile or 10-year powertrain protection. Essentially this means that any manufacturing or factory issue within the powertrain system will be covered for repair under the original owner for 100,000 miles or 10 years. What this means is if your transmission fails at 80,000 miles and you’ve had the car for less than ten years, repairs will likely be covered as long as the condition of the vehicle is considered to be normal wear and tear.

The ten-year warranty is almost unheard of in the automotive industry, as most major companies offer only five years. Reaching 100,000 miles on your vehicle is a monumental moment for most drivers, and the knowledge that your engine and transmission will be covered up to this point puts a lot of minds at ease. This warranty is representative of either Hyundai’s dedication to superior customer service and satisfaction or their extreme faith in the quality manufacturing of their vehicles.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Not only does Hyundai offer an extraordinary powertrain warranty, but they also offer an exceptional additional warranty called the new vehicle limited warranty. This warranty covers originally installed items such as the stereo system, paint job, and battery. If any of these essential features are found to have a defect or they simply fail, the Hyundai warranty will cover the repair.

In addition to the aforementioned warranties, Hyundai also offers an outstanding 7-year warranty against vehicle corrosion, and mileage is not a factor. Essentially, this warranty is guaranteeing the body of the car against excessive rusting due to defective manufacturing.

If a new Hyundai owner decides to add something to their car after purchase, such as a remote start or body feature, Hyundai will cover that product for a full year. This provides incredible peace of mind for the wary consumer purchasing “after-market” items.

Going the Extra Mile

Federal emissions inspections are a thorn in a lot of sides for car owners, as most vehicles tend to have some sort of failure, even if the car is on the newer side. Unfortunately, emission item replacement is a costly affair. Of course, Hyundai has an answer for this issue as well. All new cars come equipped with an 8 year and 80,000-mile emissions equipment warranty. The catalytic converter failed? It’s covered.

A fantastic feature for new car buyers is the 5-year roadside assistance inclusion. Purchasing a car is a huge decision, especially when it comes to driver safety standards. Not only is Hyundai highly rated in terms of driver safety, but just as an added bonus, they offer 24/7 roadside assistance for the first five years of the car’s life. This means that even in the case of a failure of a non-warranty item on your new Sonata, Hyundai is still there to assist and keep their drivers safe.

When considering the purchase of a new car, peace of mind goes a long way. Hyundai’s exceptional plethora of available warranties provides just that.



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