Brand Value Matters, Especially When More Investments are Needed

Every car brand works to have the value that we want to enjoy on the road, but they also look to create value for themselves in the sales and services provided. When we discuss the value of a brand that has to do with profits and after costs monies that are part of making the brand more of what we’ve been looking for on the road. Because of the high prices of cars from luxury automakers, it seems like you would expect to have these brands be at the top of the values on the automotive market.

For the twelfth year in a row, Toyota is the top brand for value as it comes in with a valuation of $28.7 billion. This brand value is a drop of three percent compared to last year, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to move Toyota out of the top spot. This brand has been known to provide us with affordable and easy to drive vehicles, like the Toyota Camry and Corolla, that are perfect for us as the masses to drive and enjoy what we want on the roads in our area, especially when we consider the need to have the right car to drive.

After you get past the Toyota brand you see a pair of the luxury brands that you expect to see. BMW is second on the list with a value of $24.6 billion while the rival from across the way to BMW in Mercedes-Benz has a valuation of $23.5 billion making it the third most valuable brand on the market for this year. The number for BMW reflected a drop of eight percent while Mercedes-Benz enjoyed an increase of four percent for the brand value that we see on the market for this brand.

These top three are far above the rest of the market when it comes to the brand value. This gap shows us Ford in the fourth position with a value of $13.2 billion, Honda in fifth with $12.2 billion, Nissan in sixth with $11.3 billion, Audi in seventh with $9.1 billion, Tesla in eighth at $5.9 billion, Land Rover in ninth at $5.5 billion and finally Porsche rounding out the top ten at $5.1 billion. Interestingly enough, Audi and Porsche are both parts of the Volkswagen Group and have had to help offer some relief to the scandal that occurred in September of 2015 for the Volkswagen brand.

The best performer in this group was Tesla which rose 32 percent to be able to surpass Land Rover and Porsche in the rankings. This brand value has nothing to do with the actual stable of products but has to do with the brand experience for Tesla. If you want a car that comes from one of these impressive brands that have value, you can feel comfortable knowing you are buying from a company that can continue to invest back into their own products in order to create a fantastic way to have the drive you want. It seems Toyota continues to be the right way to drive with the reliability and quality you want to enjoy on the road.

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