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Amazing Reveals in Tokyo

Amazing Reveals in Tokyo

The Tokyo Motor Show is coming to an end and those brands that were present at this show came in and amazed the crowd with some concepts and production modes that give us something to look forward to. This show only happens every two years, which means we’ll be left with the thoughts of some of these models for the next two years until we see this show come around once again. Here are some of the most impressive models that were shown off at this show to let us see the future of a few of the brands that were present.

Daihatsu DN Compagno –This nameplate has been around for many years and the brand itself has enjoyed a long and rich history on the Japanese market. This impressive new concept is one that looks smooth and elegant with a glass top that allows you to see the sky view from any seat. This four-door coupe will be powered by either a 1.0-liter turbo engine or a 1,200-cc model that can give those who own it the power and performance they want.

Mazda Kai Concept –Mazda made a splash at this show to let us see this dream car that is the concept that can offer us the look and feel that will hopefully make its way to the production line in the future. With a long hood and a short rear end, this car feels like a roadster but has four doors to give you room for passengers if you were to have this car as the one you enjoy on the roads. This is the model that Mazda chose to use for the reveal if their new SkyActiv-X engine.

Honda Sports EV –If you’ve been a fan of the small and active Honda sports cars over the years, this is a car that easily captures your attention and makes you wonder if this is the future of the brand. with a similar style to the Urban EV, we saw in Frankfurt, this car is one that will be built on a dedicated EV architecture and offer the minimalistic style you want to experience. What this car will bring when it does come to market is a sporty elegance that will allow us to enjoy the ride.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept –We’ve been anticipating what Mazda would do with the RX Vision in hopes of seeing a new sports car, but this long and lean luxury model would certainly fit the bill as well. This beauty offers a sculpted body that shows the design and the flow that we’ve come to know as part of the Kodo design language from this brand. The dramatic and beautiful style of this car makes us ache for Mazda to put one of the Vision models into production, but that seems to be a few years in the future still.

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Toyota Century –This car looks like a large and elegant executive driver from days gone by. This car looks a lot like the Japanese interpretation of a Rolls-Royce model and it certainly showed up with the features that can make you feel this is truly the case. The power is offered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that is aided by some hybrid items to make sure it’s more efficient for those who will make use of this car. This classic looking modern car has curtains, as a nod to those luxury rides of the days of old.

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