Small, Active, Fun

When you purchase a vehicle, fun isn’t usually one of the considerations you think about when you’re looking at a compact vehicle that’s going to be affordable and easy to drive. Over the past few years, the compact segment of sedans and hatchbacks has taken a downward turn because of the volume of SUV models that have begun to fill this area of the market, but there are still several models that can give you the drive you want and offer you some fun in the process, including the Hyundai Accent which is one of the smallest cars from this brand.

Powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that gives you as much as 130 horsepower and 119 lb.-ft. of torque while being attached to a six-speed transmission that’s either automatic or manual depending on the model you choose. You’ll have 32 mpg combined between the city and highway driving that you do and have a car that’s offered for a price that you can easily pay and with qualities that make it a car you want to drive during your daily commute. There aren’t many surprises with this vehicle but it’s one that you know you can rely on during your time of ownership.

As we look to what the Hyundai Accent offers of the 2018 model year we see a car that no longer has a hatchback model, but continues to be a small sedan that we can admire and enjoy when it’s time to get out on the roads for a drive. This car has the sharp style, the attractive features, and a ride quality that allows it to be one of the models that will make it easier for you to smile when you take this car for the daily ride you have in front of you.

What does the Accent offer?

There is a feeling of happiness waiting for you when you step inside the car and get ready to take a drive. This car offers you a two-tone interior color and uses the materials in a way that makes it feel upscale and impressive. There is a simple infotainment system for you to enjoy that offers you a five-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity to be a system that’s intuitive and easy for you to operate and read when you’re on the road. The gauges offered also give you what you need for the drive without going overboard.

You can have upgraded items for the Accent if you want to pay a little more. The Limited trim shows up with a seven-inch touchscreen, a navigation system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, automatic climate controls, a sunroof, keyless entry, push-button starting, and heated seats to give you a small car that feels like it offers you a lot more than what you might expect for your daily drive. Even the mid-range SEL trim offers you some upgrades that you’re sure to want to make use of if you choose this trim as the one you want for your driving needs.

When you shop of the Hyundai Accent you want to drive, you’re going to realize this is a simple car with three choices and no options for you to choose from. That’s perfectly fine for this small car that can be the efficient and fun vehicle for you to drive and enjoy on the roads you drive on a daily basis. In addition to avoiding a long list of options, the Accent is one of the few cars on the market that doesn’t have leather upholstery at any trim level, but the cloth is improved for the higher trim levels.

Do You Want to Drive This Car?

What makes the Hyundai Accent the right car for you to drive? First of all this car is one that is extremely affordable for you to have the drive you want at a price you can pay for. This car is surprisingly roomy in the passenger area that you’ll want for the drive to be able to take your family and friends wherever you need to go. The Accent is a fun car for the drive and it offers you good power in this class to be the right choice for you.

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