As one of the most admired small roadster models ever built, the MX-5 Miata is one that gives you the fun you’re looking for on the road and at the track. This is a car that shows up with the dynamic suspension and steering system that makes it possible for you to have a drive that can be fun no matter where you go, but it does offer only 155 horsepower from the small engine under the hood. For most of us, that’s plenty of power, especially when you take on the twists and turns of the road or the track.
For the rest of us, who want to have more power from under the hood of the Miata, the team at BBR can offer what we want and boost the power for this car. that can make your new Miata one that will give you the performance upgrade you’re looking for, especially if you plan to take your car out for some track time on a regular basis and you feel like you’ve mastered the power and dynamics that this car has to offer in its standard form that you’ve enjoyed for several weekends on the track already.

The Upgrades Offered

BBR brings in a new turbocharger kit for the ND generation of the Miata which improves the output of this sports car to 210 horsepower. This new turbocharger is a Stage One kit that is made up of a twin-scroll turbocharger that’s been developed with an air-to-air front mounted intercooler, a new ECU with performance software from EcuTek, a BBR downpipe, and a high-flow K&N induction system. This turbocharger upgrades the psi to increase the output power of the engine, giving you much more of what you want from under the hood.

This kit was originally meant to increase the power of the 1.5-liter engine to give you the added 80 horsepower to bring you the to the 210 while the models with the 2.0-liter engine are upgraded to give you a full 248 ponies from under the hood for you to have the ride you want when you rip around the track. This kit is expected to be offered for the models that will use the new SkyActiv technology in the future as well to ensure you have the power you’re looking for when you want the drive that can be a lot of fun.

The cost for this new kit from BBR is nearly $6,7000 for the 1.5-liter models and about $5,300 for the kit that’s added to the 2.0-liter engine. While this kit doesn’t grant you the insane power of a strong V8 engine, it does make the Miata even more impressive for the drive you want to make when you head to the track or want to tear up the roads in your area. Check out this new kit and see what the team at BBR has done in order to give you what you can enjoy when you want some added fun from this impressive small and active roadster.

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