A Gateway Drug that’s Good for You: The Cadillac ATS

Cadillac ATS

While it’s not a good idea to joke about drugs and what they can do to harm a person when abused, the fact is medicine is made to aid us in healing and help us feel our best. The same is true for excellent vehicles that we want to drive. If you’ve been considering the move to a luxury car and have admired the Cadillac brand, the gateway model that will get you excited and allow you to have the fun you want in a luxury vehicle is the ATS. This model offers you a competitive edge and the qualities you want when you head out on the road or take it to the track.

Whether you simply want an alternative to the German and Japanese luxury models, or you’re truly a Cadillac fan, the ATS model for 2018 is a car that provides you more power and features than many of those rivals and it does so at a lower price. This attractive and energetic model is one that can give you the qualities you’re looking for so that you can enjoy the drive while making sure you have a car that will impress others as you drive by.

Driving the ATS

For the 2018 model, the ATS only has small changes including an update to the CUE infotainment system to bring in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the addition of the new Rear Seat Reminder technology. This car is one that puts a premium on power, which was evident when the ATS dropped the base engine only a year ago. When you get behind the wheel of this impressive vehicle, you’re going to have the drive and qualities that will engage you with the vehicle while offering the Cadillac comfort you expect. You can choose to have a soft, supple, and comfortable drive, or allow the car to be sporty and ready for the track.
The Cadillac ATS is offered in both coupe and sedan models to allow you to have the look you want. If you need to allow your family to ride along with you, the sedan is attractive, sophisticated, and angular to give you a pleasing appearance. If the coupe is more along the lines of what you want, this car offers a style that screams athleticism and certainly gives you the idea you’re going to show off to your friends and neighbors, which you certainly will.
There is an extensive package of features and qualities that make this vehicle the one that will allow you to have the drive you’re looking for. Take a test drive in the ATS and let it be the gateway drug that puts a permanent smile on your face as you enter the enjoyment of the Cadillac brand. This car is easy to drive and a lot of fun on the road while being more affordable and better equipped than other models in this class. Come in and see your nearby Cadillac dealer to take this car out for a drive today.

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