Getting More Power in the BMW M5

Getting More Power in the BMW M5

Its time to see what the BMW M5 can do and how it can drive when the M Division offers us the M5 Competition model for some driving fun.

BMW has been known for finding new and interesting ways to offer us a variety of great models to enjoy for the ride so that we can have some options that will be fun to drive on the roads or on the track. Over the years we’ve grown used to the M Division of BMW to be the place where we find the performance we desire, but now BMW is ready to upgrade this level of performance to a much higher number. With this in mind, we see the most powerful M5 in the history of the brand.

A New BMW M5 Emerges

For the 2019 model year, the BMW M5 Competition will make its appearance and join the recently shown M2 Competition Coupe as one of the newest performance models that we can admire and enjoy on the road. This new M5 will bring you the power you want from the 4.4-liter V8 engine that provides you with 617 horsepower and 553 lb.-ft. of torque. This car will also show up with a model-specific M Sport exhaust system, engine mounts, and chassis tuning to make this a car that can handle the sprint to sixty mph in only 3.1 seconds.

Even More of What You Want in the M5 Competition

You can take a walk around this car to find a variety of great ways to have the drive you want. The M5 Competition features light-alloy wheels that have been specially developed for this car, the exterior offers you high-gloss black finishes on the door handles, mirror bases, and mirror triangles, there’s mesh in the gills in the front flanks to keep the air cleaner, You’ll see a high-gloss Shadow Line trim around the door windows and B-pillars, and more high-gloss black accents can be seen in the surrounds of the kidney grills.

Check Out the Cabin of the M5 Competition

Stepping inside the cabin offers you a more subtle upgrade but still an upgrade to the typical M5 look. You’ll see black seat belts that have a striped pattern in the BMW M colors, the floor mats have model-specific piping and an M5 logo, and the instrument cluster shows an M Competition graphic to remind you of the vehicle you’re driving. This car is one that offers you an alluring look and the feeling of aggressive fun and driving excitement as soon as you see it. You’re going to want to take this car out for a ride and take it to the track to let it loose.

Pure Joy in this Special BMW M5

If you’re looking for more excitement and fun from the BMW team, the M5 Competition is the car that brings you what you’re looking for. This car will begin production in July and will be offered later in the year as part of the 2019 model year. Are you ready for the driving excitement and fun the BMW M5 Competition can offer? It’s just around the corner and will be ready to offer you the fun drive you want on the roads or be the perfect car for the track fun you’re looking for.

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