The Hybrid You Won’t Recognize

The Hybrid You Wont Recognize

When you’re looking for a vehicle that can offer you the most practical drive and allow you to have a reasonable range of electric driving, you might feel like your choices are limited to models that all look the same. Instead of driving the same plug-in hybrid as everyone else, choose one that gives you more range and a look that you can certainly admire and enjoy when it’s time for the ride. The Chevrolet Volt brings you the qualities you want and the range that makes a lot of sense for you on the road.

The Chevy Volt is a car that looks like it belongs in the lineup of the bowtie brand, not an outlier like so many other hybrid models on the market. This sedan is not only one that has the look you want, but it offers you a range of 53 miles of driving when in EV mode with a full charge. This means most of your driving can be done on electricity, allowing you to save the gas in the tank for when you do have to drive farther. This little car makes it easy for you to have the pleasure of the drive and the benefits of the Federal Tax Credit offered.

We’re now in the second generation of the Chevrolet Volt and it’s a car that has been one that offers a different feeling for you when you drive. For the 2018 version of this car, the LT model now offers the Driver Confidence Package which adds blind zone alerts, rear cross traffic alerts, and rear parking assist. The Premier trim is now offered with a heated steering wheel, which is an optional item in the LT trim for the drive that you’ll want to make in the car you enjoy.

A Different Regenerative Braking System

Unlike most of the other hybrid models on the market, you’ll enjoy the regenerative braking of the Chevy Volt. This system works seamlessly with none of the normal oddities associated with this system. There is a steering wheel mounted paddle that actives this system to give you the power added back into the battery pack and the ability to slow the car without using the conventional brakes. This means you get to choose when the regenerative braking is working and when it’s not being used at all during your drive.

IF you want a smarter and more attractive hybrid vehicle to drive, the Chevrolet Volt should be the right choice for you. This car offers you the range you want, a driving experience that’s similar to the other sedans you’ll find on the road. Visit your nearby Chevrolet dealer location and learn more about what the Volt has to offer so that you can experience the drive and the performance offered by this plug-in hybrid. It’s a car you won’t recognize as a hybrid, which might be exactly what you want when you’re ready to head out on the roads and take a drive.

Looking for something a little different, but still quite fuel-efficient? Opt for the Chevrolet Equinox, and SUV that can do it all.

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