Your Amazon Packages Can be Delivered to Your Chevrolet Vehicle

Chevrolet Cruze

As it turns out, your Chevrolet vehicle can do a bit more than just be an enjoyable, reliable, and practical ride. It can accept packages, too.
Do you worry that your packages will be left on your doorstep and you won’t be able to receive them until you get home? Does this make you concerned about the fact that your packages could be stolen, which has become a bit of an epidemic over the past few years? If so, Chevrolet and Amazon have teamed up to provide you with a solution that could make a huge difference to you when it’s time to have your packages delivered and you want to have them dropped off in a secure location.

This partnership affects GM vehicles that have an active subscription to the OnStar system which means if you own a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac model, you can have your Amazon packages delivered right to your vehicle so they will be waiting for you in a secure location. This new system is meant to keep packages safe, provide the delivery drivers a safe environment for delivery, and make the overall experience more convenient for you. This new system is fairly easy to use and it makes things simpler and more secure when you order items through Amazon.

The Amazon Key In-Car Delivery System

How can your Amazon packages be delivered to your vehicle? When you set up the Amazon Key In-Car Delivery system using the Amazon app you’ll have this capability. These deliveries must be made to public areas including cars parked in driveways, in parking lots, and other areas where the driver can feel secure and the vehicle can be kept safe as well. In order to make this work, you have to download the Amazon Key App and opt-in to make sure your Amazon and OnStar accounts are connected to each other to allow for the delivery.
This new system works with same day, two day, and standard shipping and when the delivery is on its way and it’s completed you will receive a notification. The OnStar system is used to unlock the vehicle, allow the driver to place your packages inside the vehicle, and then the vehicle is relocked by the OnStar system. This makes it easy for you to receive packages at your vehicle while you’re at work or at home when you’re unavailable to retrieve the packages from the step at your front door where most packages are left.
Because your vehicle will be in a public area during the delivery, there should be cameras in the area to help dissuade anyone from causing harm to the delivery driver or your vehicle. All vehicles that are 2015 model year or newer from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac are eligible to participate in this program. Imagine, you’re out and about cruising the city streets in your Cruze, or perhaps traveling on the outskirts of town in your Traverse, and being able to receive your goodies from Amazon! It can happen. This new program is being offered in 37 cities to start with and should be expanded farther in the near future to make it possible for you to have a great way to enjoy this new delivery system that will have items placed in your vehicle for you.

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