Its EV Time With the New Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt EV

One of the greatest challenges for the automakers that are looking to offer us the EV models we want to drive is making certain we have the driving range we need. Enter the new Chevrolet Bolt.
When you think about how far you actually drive on a daily basis, you’ll realize you typically don’t drive over 100 miles on any particular day. Only when you need to travel a long distance do you normally have a need for the range that’s much greater than this number, and Chevrolet ensures you do have the range you want in the Chevrolet Bolt, which has already become one of the most popular EV models on the market.

The range you’ll find when you choose the Chevrolet Bolt for your drive is 238 miles on a single full charge. This should be enough for you to drive for a couple of days between charges and you can drive this car for a greater distance when you want to take a road trip as well. If you’re looking for a car that provides you with the range you need and a comfortable cabin to enjoy the drive, the Bolt can be the perfect vehicle for your driving pleasure on the roads.
The Bolt was first offered over a year ago as a 2017 model and now that it’s being offered for 2018, there are some upgrades to give you a little bit more of what you want in an EV model. This car now brings you an automatic heated steering wheel in the LT Comfort and Convenience package which is added as standard fare for the Premier trim. With this addition to the package, if you live in a colder area of the country or simply want to warm up your hands, you’ll be able to do so with the new heated steering wheel included in these models.

Attributes You’re Sure to Love

The Bolt is powered by an efficient battery pack that offers you 60-kWh capacity to give you the range you’re looking for. If you’re on a long road trip, you can receive 90 miles of driving range in only thirty minutes when you use the DC Fast Charging system. There is also an excellent regenerative braking system that allows you to drive using only the gas pedal and still bring the car to a stop while making use of the energy that takes place while braking to reduce the speed of the car.
When you get behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Bolt, you’re going to know you’re in a new car that can offer you the benefit of driving for many miles without recharging the battery pack. The range, the comfort, and the style of this car make it the right one for you to enjoy driving. Add to this the fact that the Bolt is also affordable, and you’ll be ready to head out on the road and enjoy the ride. Come in and see the team at your nearby Chevrolet dealer and let them show you what you can drive.

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