Dealer's Journal Toyota There Might be a Future for the Yaris Hatchback

There Might be a Future for the Yaris Hatchback

There Might be a Future for the Yaris Hatchback

Unless you own a Toyota Yaris, you probably don’t think much about this little car, and it seems that Toyota decided to forget it for the 2019 model year. If you’re looking for this little Yaris hatchback model at your nearby Toyota location, you’re going to have to choose one of the remaining 2018 models that are still in stock. Right now, there should be plenty of these cars in stock and you should be able to find one, but if you want more than what these leftovers offer, you’ll want to keep reading.

The model Year 2020 Might See an Improved Yaris Hatchback

Call it a liftback or a hatchback, the Toyota team said that an announcement will be made regarding the new Yaris at the New York Auto Show. What that team will be is a bit of a mystery for us right now, but there have been some rumors as to what we might see at this show. The announcement we expect to be presented with at the show in New York might be that the new Yaris liftback will be a car that we’ve already been familiar with.

Will the Yaris be a Mazda

In 2015, Toyota and Mazda formed a development and technology partnership which was part of creating the model that would become the Scion iA in 2016 which was based on the former Mazda2 sedan. The deletion of Scion from the market caused the iA to be rebadged as the Yaris iA to be the four-door sedan that we enjoyed for only a couple of years before this sedan became the Yaris that no longer wears the iA part of the name for the 2019 model year. Like a car that’s easy to recognize with its basis in the Mazda2, you could see a hatchback that does the same.

Expectations for the Yaris Hatchback

If the five-door version of the Yaris is moved to the Mazda2 platform, it will likely use the same formula as the sedan. This means we could see the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s in the sedan as the base model. This would give you 106 horsepower and 103 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive on the road. Transmissions will likely be a choice between a six-speed manual and automatic depending upon the trim level that you choose for the Yaris Liftback that you want to drive.

Production Moving in the Same Plant

Love it or hate it, the current models of the Yaris are built in the Toyota plant in Mexico. If the new Yaris hatchback model is also moved to the Mazda2 platform, there’s a better than average chance that this car will be built in the same plant. Right now, none of these assumptions have been completely confirmed because we don’t even know for sure that the Yaris hatchback will return to the market for the future of driving. Once we hear the news in New York, we’ll have a better idea of what the plan will be going forward. For more information, contact your Toyota Dealer.

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