Exclusive Fun in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

You have to admire what the Alfa Romeo team did to bring their brand name back to the US. Several years ago, the Alfa Romeo team decided they needed to bring their brand of driving back to a country that loves to open the throttle and tear up the roads. The result was the Alfa Romeo 4C which has been offered in both coupe and convertible (spider) forms. Today, we only have the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, but that’s not a terrible thing when you’re looking for a dynamic and direct driving experience.

Alfa Romeo Quality Reigns Supreme

When you want a hand-built, lightweight, hard-core performance car, the right choice for you is the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. There isn’t another car in the market like this one and it brings you a two-seater experience that’s truly unmatched. Enjoy the performance, power, and quickness of this car that now has a standard rearview camera, cruise control, and rear parking sensors to make this exciting car a bit safer when you take it for a drive. You can now have more of the previous track package items in the standard model to enjoy the ride when you get behind the wheel.

Are You Serious About Driving the 4C Spider?

Choosing the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a serious commitment. This car is built for serious driving and offers an air of exclusivity to the drive you’re going to make. You’ll find a compromising driving position, but a drive that is anything but compromising. Feel the power and the direct connection with the road when you decide to take the 4C Spider out for a drive. You’ll love the carbon-fiber monocoque that gives you the seating position in a lightweight build to give you the ride you want.

The Standard Package from Alfa Romeo

The purpose of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is to offer you performance and racing fun. This car doesn’t apologize for being made for this reason at all. You’ll find power windows, air conditioning, a seven-inch color gauge cluster, a four-speaker Alpine audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port. The items mentioned above are also offered to give you more safety when you take a drive. The DNA selector in the 4C Spider allows you to choose the driving mode from four different selections. This is a car that’s truly fun to drive and it puts you in charge.

A Few Options for the 4C Spider

There are only a few different items for you to upgrade the drive in the Alfa Romeo 4C spider. This car brings you a higher-end Alpine audio system along with a long list of performance items that can make it even more fun for you when you take this car to the track. You’ll find a race-tuned suspension, carbon-fiber aesthetics, bi-xenon headlights, and the Akrapovic exhaust system to name a few. Choose your upgrades and have the drive you want to enjoy today.

The Powertrain that Makes this Alfa Romeo Sports Car Go

The power you’ll feel and the quickness you find comes from the powertrain offered for the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. This car makes use of an impressive 1.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. You’ll have 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque which gives this lightweight car enough power to be an exciting ride wherever you go. You’ll also enjoy the fuel mileage which comes to 24 city/34 hwy mpg and you can shift the gears on your own by using the paddle shifters provided for you.

Find the Right 4C Spider Today

You’re looking for a car that can truly give you a fun and active drive on the road while making it easy for you to head to the track for some fun. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the car that has the lightweight build with the power and performance that you’re looking for. Visit your nearby Alfa Romeo dealer and let this team show you how easy it is to make this car the fun and active ride you want. You’ll love the way the 4C puts you in charge and makes driving perfect for you.