The Hyundai Venue is the New Urban Legend

Hyundai Venue

The Hyundai Venue is the ultimate Urban Adventure Vehicle for people who can color inside the lines but find that the real art happens outside of the boundaries.

Everything You Want in a Daily Driver

The Venue is the perfect compact crossover SUV for dashing around town and weekend getaways. It’s surprisingly spacious, both for passengers and cargo. And it handles everything from dirt roads to parking garages like a champ. It’s stylish, economical, and comfortable: everything you want in a daily driver.

As a relative newcomer to the Hyundai lineup, a lot of Venue owners were getting to know this dynamic crossover when suddenly, we were confronted with a deadly pandemic. Overnight, all of our favorite places to go shut down, and we had to stay home.

And Then Came the Lockdown

Even the most committed city-slickers suffered serious cabin fever during the pandemic lockdown. Since regular urban adventures were a no-go, many took to exploring the great outdoors. For a lot of folks, that meant figuring out how many uses those sporty-looking roof rails on the Venue SEL and Denim have.

Getting it all Out in the Open

Maybe you used the lockdown as an excuse to go out and get a new trail bike. Or maybe you cooled off in the summer heat by taking your kayak or paddleboard to the nearest watering hole. The Venue’s roof rails make it super easy to attach your favorite outdoor gear and enjoy some fresh air and fun. And with available AWD, it’s more than capable when you want to head up to the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding.

You Can Attach WHAT to the Roof?

Maybe you felt really adventurous and did a search for the best camping sites in your area, but the idea of sleeping on the ground among the creepy crawlies made you balk. If you’d prefer some social distancing from wildlife while you sleep, how about relaxing in your own penthouse on top of your Venue? That’s right, rooftop tents are a real thing, and they’re incredibly multi-functional!

They attach to your roof rails just like your kayak, bike, or cargo box. And when you get to your destination, it takes just a few minutes to set up (just make sure you’re parked on even ground). Pull the ladder out and secure it on the ground, and before you know it, you’ve got a cozy pop-up spot where you can lay back and gaze at the stars before you fall asleep. And you’ll be out of reach of those nocturnal, ground-dwelling critters!

And since the tent platform extends off the side of the vehicle, it creates a nice shady spot to relax when the sun is blazing overhead. Several rooftop tents come with a screened-in “porch,” but if those are out of your price range, it’s pretty easy to hack your own screen and attach it to the platform.

Go Outside and Play!

Now that we’re emerging from the pandemic lockdown, we all look forward to getting back to our favorite café’s, bars, and clubs. But when you hear the call of the wild, it’s nice to know your Hyundai Venue is ready to answer it.

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