A Beautiful Ferrari 812 Goes on the Cavalcade

A Beautiful Ferrari 812 Goes on the Cavalcade

For the past ten years, Ferrari has taken several of its models on a journey across Italy to see historic sites and show off their style.

This annual excursion is called the Ferrari Cavalcade, and it’s simply the journey of a lifetime for some of the drivers and designers of these cars. Taking these cars past the many amazing sites and along beautiful scenery gave the brand an idea. Why not create special edition models that bring the Cavalcade to life? This is exactly what they have done.

The first in the series of five amazing models is a Ferrari 812 Competizione that wears a Blu Capri paint color. This color was inspired by the beautiful ocean color off the coast ofIsleof Capri along the Italian coastline. There will be four more of these Cavalcade models offered to keep our interest and showcase the style this brand brings to driving.

Maybe not the Same, but Still Pretty Awesome

You might not be one of the lucky few who will eventually get to own one of the Cavalcade models offered by this brand, but that doesn’t stop you from having an 812 GTS/Competizione for yourself. If you’ve got the desire to drive one of the most amazing cars in the world, this could be the ideal supercar for you to take for a spin. Let’s take a look at what this beauty has to offer.

Do You Want a V12?

You might expect to find a powerful V12 engine under the hood of every Ferrari model, but that just wouldn’t be true at all. In today’s world, the only way to find a V12 from this brand is to select the Daytona SP3 or the 812. The 812 is offered in GTS or Competizione models, and both are powered by a massive 6.5-liter V12 engine.

The dramatic appearance of this car can be found in either version. The GTS gives you a stowable roof that allows the air inside and for you to hear more of the sounds coming from the engine. Move to the Competizione model, and you’ve got a massive rear diffuser, redesigned rear wing, and an extreme number of air vents to ensure the airflow is perfect. Which version of the Ferrari 812 will be the one you want to drive?

New Qualities for the 2022 Version

You might not expect to find many changes in the Ferrari lineup for each model year, but the 812 does give you a few. This supercar drops the Superfast name and adds the incredible Competizione model to the mix. This version is track-focused and gives you more power, lighter materials, and improved aerodynamics when compared to the GTS version. Only 812 of these cars will be built, and all have already been spoken for.

Superb Power and Speed from Ferrari


As expected, the 812 models are lightning-fast and extremely powerful. The 812 GTS is the standard version, and it brings you a muscular 6.5-liter V12 engine that pumps out 789 horsepower and 530 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is routed to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to give you incredible power and performance on any track.

How fast is the GTS version? The top speed listed for this amazing supercar is 211 mph. That is extremely fast and your time taking off from a standstill is excellent as well. You can reach sixty mph in only 2.8 seconds, which will give others on the track fits.


When you want to turn up the heat on this Ferrari, the Competizione model is here to provide the fuel for your fire. This car uses the same powertrain as the GTS but is tuned up to 819 horsepower to be a serious track monster.

This version of the 812 is fast enough to reach sixty mph in 0.2 seconds faster than the GTS on the way to a top speed that is nearly unthinkable.

Stylized Interior Qualities

True Italian style makes its way from the exterior to the interior of the Ferrari 812 that you’ll want to drive. This incredible area is accommodating for two people with good ergonomics, modern design elements, and beautifully crafted leather upholstery. The idea in the cabin is to embrace the grand touring nature of this car, which means the steering wheel that lacks stalks for turn signals and wipers have been eliminated. Instead, you’ll find push-button controls for everything you need, right on the steering wheel.

You will find enough room for some luggage in the storage area, which offers 18 cubic feet of space in the coupe version. The convertible isn’t quite as spacious, but you’re not buying this car for its cargo capacity, so don’t worry about that too much.

Simple Infotainment in a Sports Car

When you drive this amazing supercar, you will probably want to listen to the engine sound rather than music, but you don’t have to. There is a six-speaker stereo system built into the 812, which can bring you the musical notes you love. You’ll also find an integrated navigation system, voice-activated features, Bluetooth connectivity, and the option of Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, this car is not offered with Android Auto at all.

A Couple of Items for Driving on the Road

If you choose to take your Ferrari 812 out for a ride on public roads, there are a couple of items that will help keep you safer when parking this beautiful machine. You don’t want a dent or scratch on it, and with the rearview camera and parking sensors, you won’t have to bump or dent anything at all.

A Special New Car from a Special Company

Anytime you hear the name Ferrari uttered, you immediately think of the glorious racing tradition of this brand and how it has dominated the landscape for many years. The 812 model is featured as a Cavalcade version to be the first of these special cars to showcase the annual pilgrimage taken by this brand. Will you simply admire the new Blu Capri 812 Competizione from afar, or will one of these beauties become part of your supercar collection?

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