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What Are the Top 10 Cars for New Drivers?

What Are the Top 10 Cars for New Drivers?

Finding the right cars for new drivers isn’t the same as it was generations ago. Today, you want your teen to have a car to get them where they need to go.

These days, most tends don’t buy a project car at 14 and work on it for two years before they driver it. Many parents want their new drivers to have safety features and reliable cars that get them where they need to go. That said, we’ve got a list of cars that should be great for your young inexperienced driver to enjoy.

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima has more than enough features and qualities to satisfy any driver. Find one of the newer versions and you’ll have some of the modern safety features you’re looking for. The Maxima offers good power and the advanced tech that allows your teen to stay connected. This sedan is big enough for a few passengers but small enough that your child won’t try and stack several people inside this car for the drive. Let your teen enjoy the smooth ride of the Maxima.

Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq comes in three different models with impressive fuel mileage, making this one of the best cars for new drivers. If you’re looking for a car that your teen can take to college and enjoy driving home on weekends, the Ioniq could be perfect. You can choose a plug-in hybrid or all-electric model, but you’re probably better off with the regular hybrid version for your young driver. They are growing up in a world where hybrids and electrics will be almost all of the cars offered, let them get used to this factor with the Ioniq.

Hyundai Elantra

It’s difficult to beat the Hyundai Elantra when you want a small, affordable, and economical car for your new driver to enjoy on the road. This car looks great and it brings plenty of modern features to the mix. If you choose one of the newer versions, your young driver could have the safety and connectivity features desired. The fuel mileage is excellent and your teen will be glad to take this car wherever they need to go.

Subaru Legacy

Are you looking for a car with standard AWD for your young driver to enjoy? If so, one of the best cars for new drivers is the Subaru Legacy. This impressive machine gives your teen the control desired and plenty of great features. You can find a modern version with features that include adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams which can be useful when driving. The Legacy has lots or room and offers a generous trunk to be a great car for your teen to take to college when its time for them to fly the nest.

Honda CR-V Hybrid

A small SUV can be a great choice when you’re looking for a vehicle that your offspring will enjoy driving. While they might not be impressed with this choice at first, when they realize how much they can save on fuel, they’ll be glad to have the Honda CR-V Hybrid. This SUV had good power and lots of room, but most importantly, this hybrid SUV offers the features needed to make it useful and enjoyable out on the road.

Subaru Outback

If you want to offer your new driver a vehicle that can take them out on the trails, the Subaru Outback is a classic choice. This could be the best cars for new drivers if you’re teaching your teen how to drive out on the trails. Of course, if you live in an area where the snow and ice occur every year, this SUV is ideal for foul-weather driving as well. This SUV has spacious seating across two rows and gives your teen lots of cargo space in the rear.

Honda Insight

One of the best hybrid vehicles in the market is the Honda Insight. This impressive sedan is a great choice for a new driver because it doesn’t drive like a typical hybrid. Your teen will love the fuel savings of this car and admire the style, which resembles the Honda Civic. The electronics are easy to use and brings your teen the connectivity and feature desired when out on the road. This is a car that can last a long time and give your young driver the experience they want for many years.

Subaru Forester

If a compact SUV is what you’re looking for, one of the best cars for new drivers is the Subaru Forester. If you notice, there are a few Subaru models on this list. The usefulness of the Symmetrical AWD system makes a huge difference in control and driving on the road. The Forester offers lots of cargo room, seating for five people, and the impressive features you want when you’re out on the road. Get ready for your teen to enjoy the ride in this compact SUV.

Mazda CX-30

The Mazda CX-30 is so nice inside that you’ll want to drive this SUV and might not want to give it to your teen. If you do hand over the keys, your young driver will have an SUV with a classy interior and the benefits of a SkyActiv powertrain that can give your teen the drive they enjoy. This SUV is packed with electronics and it offers plenty of room in the rear for the gear they need to take along on the road.

Toyota Camry

One of the most impressive sedans in the market is the Toyota Camry. If you’re looking for one of the best cars for new drivers, the Camry is the car you want to give them for their time on the road. The Camry has been an amazing family car for many yeas and it continues to be a great choice for nearly every driver on the road. Your teen will be pleased with the peppy engine, the technology, and the safety features offered in this Toyota sedan.

Which one of these cars is the right one for you to offer your new driver? Could it be an SUV or a sedan?

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