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Nissan Brings a Max-Out Concept to Shanghai

Nissan Brings a Max-Out Concept to Shanghai

The next step in the electric vehicle movement could be found in the Nissan Max-Out concept convertible. Could this be the future of EVs?

The Max-Out concept was first shown as a drawing in 2021, and now it’s become a reality. Later this month, when the Auto Shanghai show opens on April 18, this new, modern convertible will take the stage. While this new concept model will take center stage, it’s not the only electrified Nissan to attend the event. This new Nissan convertible brings an incredible light show but something more.

The future of electric vehicle batteries

The new Max-Out electric convertible concept is equipped with an all-solid-state battery, which will be a first in the EV world. This is the technology many automakers have been working toward in order to offer longer-lasting, smaller battery packs than the current lithium-ion models found in most modern EVs. This new convertible offers a light sloping shape with a narrow and parted-lip front to give it a unique style that delivers a short front and high rear end to look like a classic but futuristic sports car. Could this be the car of the future?

This car reminds us of several futuristic designs

The Nissan Max-Out is covered with glossy, glass-like surfaces that reflect its surroundings. If you turn out the lights, this convertible glows in the dark. This is an effect caused by green laser light that forms a consecutive grid pattern that starts in the cabin and extends to the wheels. This grid pattern is reminiscent of the original Tron movie. Another way to think of this grid pattern is a retro wave cruising along during your nighttime dream. Either way you look at it, this is a pretty cool feature and a bit of a light show for you.

Nissan takes aim at better steering

The goal with this new electric convertible concept is to offer amazing cornering, steering response, balance with limited body roll, and impressive comfort on the road. With the battery pack located in the floor, the lowered center of gravity allows this convertible to be much better when it comes to handling than most other cars. Nissan hit the nail on the head with this impressive new car that should provide an excellent feeling to any driver from behind the wheel. Will you be one of those drivers?

Don’t expect a production model just yet

The new Nissan Max-Out is a concept car that could offer the lines, shape, and elements desired to make it one of the most alluring and dynamic cars shown in Shanghai. This car is as fun and futuristic as some video games, but most of what we admire in this car will not likely make it to a production model, if there is one. The reconfigured steering wheel offers a great look and the build desired. This new wheel offers another video game element with its boxy shape that you’ll find in some driving games.

The passenger seat offers more cargo room

The Max-Out might be, at its core, a two-seat convertible. This typically means less cargo space and a car that compromises practicality for style and showmanship. The Max-Out offers an air of practicality with seats that can flatten or more storage space, making it possible to take a road trip by yourself to your favorite destinations. Who would have guessed this new concept car would bring the benefits of practicality and style to the stage in Shanghai? We’re certainly excited to learn more about this car and what it might offer.

What of the batteries?

If the Nissan Max-Out really has the solid-state batteries, it will be the start of something new in the EV world. With the tools at our disposal, we won’t sit back and let good enough be good enough for very long. Many automakers are working toward these batteries because they should offer greater longevity, more charge per cell, greater driving range, and faster charging times. Solid-state batteries could be the secret sauce to ensure the EV world moves forward and can offer similar driving ranges as many gas-powered vehicles.

The new Nissan Max-Out captures our attention and brings us a new look and feel that we can admire and consider for the future. Will this new convertible concept car become the future of electric driving or another idea that goes away just as quickly as it appears? What else does Nissan have planned for the upcoming Auto Shanghai Show?

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