Dealer's Journal Ford,Off-Road,Performance,Truck From Raptor R to VelociRaptoR 6×6: Hennessey Transforms the Ford F-150

From Raptor R to VelociRaptoR 6×6: Hennessey Transforms the Ford F-150

From Raptor R to VelociRaptoR 6x6: Hennessey Transforms the Ford F-150

Hennessey will help you turn the Ford F-150 Raptor R into the massive and crazy VeliciRaptoR 6×6 at its Sealy, TX facility. Doing so will cost you quite a bit.

The Raptor R comes with an insane level of power and is one of the most expensive pickup trucks in the world. If you’ve got a half-million dollars lying around burning a hole in your pocket, you can pay the Hennessey team to turn a regular Raptor R into the incredible VelociRaptoR 6×6. Thankfully, that high price tag includes the cost of the donor vehicle, but you’ll want to know what $400,000 gets you in this top-end, high-performance pickup truck.

More wheels for your off-road beastly drive

The immediate difference between the regular Raptor R and the Hennessey creation is the addition of a second rear axle and two more wheels. Hennessey extends the frame and adds the locking rear axle to improve grip on the trails. This change improves grip by more than 50%, which seems insane but makes a huge difference when riding fast on the trails.

In addition to this second rear axle, the 6×6 has a set of Fox Live Valve dampers, which increase the ride height by three inches. This means the 20-inch alloy wheels and 37-inch off-road tires easily fit under the wheel wells.

The added length gives the bed more length. Instead of the traditional 5.5 feet, this high-performance truck has a full-length 8-foot bed, making it easy to carry sheets of plywood while increasing the cargo volume by more than 45%.

The upgrades don’t stop there

Hennessey does more to turn the Ford F-150 Raptor R into the VelociRaptoR 6×6 by adding other aftermarket parts. You’ll see distinct rear bumpers, LED off-road lights, new badges, and Hennessey graphics that tell you this is a special truck.

Although Hennessey didn’t upgrade the powertrain, which is a bit surprising, several impressive upgrades make it to every area of the truck. The incredible cabin is upgraded and improved to be more luxurious than what you find in the Raptor R. Considering the Ford production truck comes at $109,000, making it hard to imagine that this truck could become more luxurious, but it does when Hennessey puts its name on the truck.

The Raptor R powertrain under the hood

Hennessey didn’t mess with the already incredible powertrain of the Raptor R. This powertrain is sourced from the Mustang Shelby GT500, which uses a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine producing 700 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque. Hennessey hasn’t released the performance specs of the VelociRaptoR 6×6 but has released the expected curb weight, which is nearly 6,500 pounds. This means the Hennessey truck won’t be nearly as fast as the Raptor R.

Why did Ford create the Raptor R?

The simplest answer to this question is “because they can,” but a more likely reason is they wanted to have a truck that could compete with the Ram 1500 TRX. When Ram dropped the Hellcat engine in its half-ton truck, it created a monster with 702 horsepower under the hood. In response to this powerful off-road truck, Ford created the Raptor R.

The Raptor R is a high-performance, high-powered, amazing truck that’s made to tackle desert runs out in the open. This Ford truck is overkill in the truck world, but that’s exactly what it was meant for: along with challenging the TRX on the trails.

Ford offers a wide range of F-150 trucks

The Ford F-150 Raptor R turned into the VelociRaptoR 6×6 isn’t the only way that Hennessey upgrades the F-150; it’s just the most extreme. Most F-150 trucks can be improved by the Hennessey team or left alone. Ford offers a wide range of choices to make it easy for anyone to enjoy this truck and have the desired power and performance.

Whether you look to the bare-bones XL work truck with a V6 engine or go for something bigger and more luxurious with a V8 engine like the King Ranch or Platinum models, you’ll find what you want. The Limited trim has the same powertrain as the Raptor: a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Of course, there’s also the electric F-150 Lightning and the hybrid PowerBoost models that round out the entire lineup.

Do you have a cool half-million?

When you’ve got $500,000 to spend on an extreme pickup truck, the Hennessey VelociRaptoR 6×6 is an amazing truck that’s made to show off on the trails. This could be the extreme truck that you’ve been waiting for, and Hennessey is ready to put it together and give you one of the most expensive and impressive trucks ever made.

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