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GM Auto Parts Brand ACDelco Offers Confidence and Longevity

GM Auto Parts Brand ACDelco Offers Confidence and Longevity

Should you trust the GM Auto parts brand? If you’re talking about ACDelco parts, then you’ve found a brand that’s as close to OEM parts as you’ll ever get.

ACDelco has been a trusted parts name for several decades. This aftermarket parts brand is owned and operated by GM, which is why you can generally trust the parts that come from this name. Some have looked at this parts brand as being just as trustworthy as the OEM parts for GM vehicles. Of course, if you’re looking for parts to be installed on a non-GM vehicle, you might find some ACDelco parts for other vehicle brands as well.

How long ago was ACDelco begun?

The origins of this aftermarket part brand date back to 1916 when GM founder William C. Durant formed the United Motors Corporation. At that time, United Motors was separate from GM, but GM acquired it in 1918. Although acquired by the larger company, UMC wasn’t a fully integrated part of GM until 1944.

Not long after, sometime around 1960, the division’s name became United Declo. Eventually, this was merged with another GM-owned company, AC Spark Plug, to become AC-Delco in 1974. The hyphenated version of this name lasted until 1995, when the hyphen was dropped, resulting in the ACDelco name we know today.

Does ACDelco offer various parts levels?

ACDelco is the GM auto parts brand that’s tested and backed by GM. You can find parts wearing this name on GM vehicles coming off the production line and know that replacement parts bearing the ACDelco name will properly fit and function in your GM vehicle. This brand represents many of the GM OEM parts, making it a great choice when you’re looking for items that are made by GM Genuine Parts and right for your vehicle.

ACDelco also offers Gold and Silver premium lines of aftermarket parts that are made for GM vehicles. These aftermarket lines are also available for vehicles that aren’t part of the GM brand. These parts are high-value and impressive quality parts that are certified to fit properly and provide many miles of worry-free driving. The Gold and Silver lines are backed by a limited GM warranty and are available for most makes and models. Whether it’s a battery, air filter, or shock absorber that you need, these ACDelco parts can provide the desired results during your time on the road.

How confident is GM in these parts?

When any company offers products, we love to see them “put their money where their mouth is,” which is why ACDelco parts are exceptional. Every Genuine GM and ACDelco part is covered by a 24-month, unlimited mileage warranty, which should give drivers the desired peace of mind. This GM auto parts brand has the history, success, trust, and support required to be the right parts brand for most drivers to find what they need and use for GM vehicles and many non-GM brands as well.

Where can you find ACDelco parts?

It’s pretty easy to find the parts you need for your GM vehicle. Most auto supply locations, including Pep Boys, AutoZone, and Advanced Auto Parts, carry ACDelco parts. This means you’ll find the items you’re looking for to fix and repair your GM vehicle. Whether you’ve got a classic Chevy Camaro in the garage and need some items during your rebuild, or you simply need to replace the air filter on your GMC Sierra, you can trust that ACDelco parts will give you the desired results. These parts fit right and perform to GM’s standards.

Can you get these parts shipped to your home?

Like most other things that we buy and have shipped these days, some ACDelco parts can be purchased on and shipped directly to your home. If you’ve got a Prime membership, you’ll have the parts you need for your weekend under the hood with only a few clicks on your smartphone. These items from the GM auto parts brand can make your weekned of turning wrenches a breeze and save you the hassle of going to the auto parts store to pick up the required items.

If you’re looking for great replacement parts for your GM vehicle, you know the brand to choose. Find the GM auto parts brand that’s been around for decades. ACDelco has the items you want and makes it easy to fit items into your GM vehicle whether you need to replace a strut, spark plug, or air filter. These are parts you can trust, making them the perfect choice for your GM-branded vehicle.

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