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Why a Used Kia Telluride Is Perfect for Your Family

Why a Used Kia Telluride Is Perfect for Your Family

Family drivers need vehicles that get everyone to where they want to go. A used Kia Telluride is the perfect solution with excellent packaging for your family.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Comfort

Most modern families, particularly larger ones, have to watch their budgets. That doesn’t mean parents must choose between having a safe, practical vehicle and paying for after-school activities. Buying a used Kia Telluride helps families save money where it counts without sacrificing quality.

Space Where It Counts

A used Kia Telluride will be comfortable, safe, and spacious enough for kids of all ages. The mid-size SUV has three rows of seating with best-in-class second-row legroom. Even lanky teenagers can ride comfortably with 42.4 inches of legroom.

The Kia Telluride also boasts up to 87 cu ft of cargo space or 21 cu ft with all the seats in place. The extra cargo space offers versatility unavailable with other types of family vehicles.

Parents can cart around up to seven kids in the neighborhood carpool or head to the airport to pick up teenagers home from college with all their stuff for the summer break. Either way, the versatile Kia Telluride will make it easy.

The advantage of buying a used Kia Telluride rather than a full-size SUV is that while drivers sacrifice little space, they make appreciable gains in gas mileage. The Telluride gets an EPA-estimated 22 mpg combined.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

Buying a used Kia Telluride allows family drivers access to more upscale features without spending a fortune.

Major differences between model years within the same generation are rare. These Kia SUVs, like other family vehicles, depreciate upon leaving the lot. Drivers who don’t mind buying used can capitalize on that.

With some research, discerning family drivers may be able to find a used Kia Telluride EX or above, gaining access to luxury features for less. They include heated and ventilated front-row seats, leather upholstery, and available second-row captain’s chairs.

Modern tech is easy to come by in any Kia Telluride model. As long as drivers look for recent models, they’ll get everything from a WiFi hotspot and USB-C connection ports for passengers to watching 12.3-inch infotainment and digital instrument cluster displays for the driver.

A Used Kia Telluride Is a Dependable Option

The primary concern most buyers cite when purchasing used vehicles is dependability. Thankfully, the Kia Telluride ages well, as evidenced by the fact that many older models are still on the roads.

Drivers who want extra peace of mind can look for certified pre-owned SUVs or ask about used car warranties. Buying from a reputable dealership that inspects used vehicles before selling them will also help.

J.D. Power gives the Kia Telluride “great” ratings for quality and reliability every year. Buyers should also note that the organization cites this mid-size SUV as having one of the best resale values.

Buyers switching from another vehicle class to a used Kia Telluride will find that these mid-size SUVs are a joy to drive and own. Head to a local dealership to see why.

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