Dealer's Journal Family Cars,Honda,Sedans,Tech,Used Revolutionizing Connectivity: Honda’s Bold Move to Upgrade Late Model Accords with Wireless Tech

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Honda’s Bold Move to Upgrade Late Model Accords with Wireless Tech

Revolutionizing Connectivity: Honda’s Bold Move to Upgrade Late Model Accords with Wireless Tech

Honda is well-known as one of the most popular and reliable car brands in the market. Recently, the brand announced a tech upgrade for cars on the road.

Most automakers focus on the new vehicles being sold at dealership lots and not those already sold. Honda is doing something different, which could show other brands what they should do for current customers. This automotive brand is offering to upgrade some models with tech that wasn’t offered for the vehicles when originally sold. This upgrade could bring late-model Hondas closer to current model year versions.

What is Honda offering current owners?

It might only be the beginning of upgrading older vehicles, but Honda will add something to 2018-2022 Accord models that wasn’t offered when originally sold as new vehicles. Owners of these vehicles can visit a local Honda dealer and have the service team add wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Most of these cars come with wired versions of this tech, but switching to a wireless system makes a huge difference. This will allow owners to leave their charging cords at home and enjoy the connectivity through these systems. If this change becomes widely used, expect other automakers to follow suit.

How many vehicles could enjoy this upgrade?

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsize sedans in the market. This car is the ideal choice for the brand to begin adding a tech upgrade for current owners to enjoy on the road. Estimates show nearly 631,000 Accords from the 2018-2022 model years are on the road and eligible for this upgrade. This improvement would cost owners $112 plus labor when they visit their local Honda dealer to have this system added to the Accord. For that low price, many owners might be ready to jump at the chance to have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in their vehicles.

How does adding this tech help Honda?

This software improvement could entice many Honda owners to purchase another Honda the next time they need a vehicle. This can create improved loyalty to the brand, but there’s another reason to add this software to the Accord. Improving the ownership experience by adding modern tech to Honda vehicles already on the road helps to keep them on the road. This is a step in Honda’s pursuit of zero environmental impact. Honda expects to reach this goal by 2050.

Some Accords will receive this upgrade free of charge

Qualifying Honda Accord models being sold through the Honda Certified Pre-Owned program will also receive this tech upgrade. This added connectivity feature will be added to these cars before being sold without adding any cost to the vehicle. This means consumers searching for a pre-owned Honda Accord will receive this system as part of the package. If it’s not installed in the Accord prior to the purchase, the dealer will install it before the customer leaves with the vehicle.

Honda zigs while GM zags

Instead of opening up more vehicles to the useful and common tech of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, GM is heading in the opposite direction. GM is dropping this connectivity in favor of the Ultifi system, which includes a full suite of integrated Google apps. Although this package of features uses Google technology, it might not be the smart move in today’s market. Tesla doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and that doesn’t seem to bother Tesla owners. Still, GM isn’t Tesla, and switching from the current connectivity system to something else might not sit well with many owners.

If this new change to the Honda Accord works, it’s entirely possible that company will offer it to other Honda vehicles in the near future.

Why did Honda stop at 2018?

The 2018 model year is the start of the last generation of the Honda Accord. This means the tech and packaging of this midsize car should be extremely similar for the five model years prior to 2023. The 2018 Accord brought a major styling overhaul, which makes it look amazing. The Honda Sensing package of safety features was upgraded, making this car safer than the previous generation.

If you own a 2018-2022 Honda Accord and don’t have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, it might be time to have this tech upgraded added to your car. It’s not expensive and gives you the added benefit of leaving your charging cord at home when you head out for a drive.

Will adding this connectivity to late-model Honda Accords lead to more tech upgrades from Honda and other brands?

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