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5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Work Truck

5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Work Truck

Upgrades That Increase Efficiency and Convenience

Every pickup is different, but all new and used trucks can benefit from these five must-have accessories.

Pickup trucks are designed to help contractors get their work done effectively. In most cases, new and used trucks come straight from the lot, ready to tackle routine tasks.

Every trade is different, so contractors often need to customize their trucks to meet unique demands. This list of five must-have accessories contains versatile items that can be helpful in just about any trade.

1. Bed Liners

A high-quality bed liner is one of the most essential accessories any serious contractor can buy. They protect against unnecessary damage, including impacts, abrasions, and fluids that could cause serious trouble over time.

Contractors have several styles of bed liners to choose from. Some prefer plastic drop-ins, while others like heavy-duty rubber, polyethylene fiber, or spray-in coatings. If you select a liner made from anything but rubber, consider adding a truck bed mat to add impact resistance and prevent excess cargo shifting.

2. Truck Racks

A well-designed, high-quality truck rack can significantly increase any pickup’s carrying capacity. Look for a rack that features heavy-duty steel construction, a robust powder-coated finish, and a high carrying capacity.

A ladder rack makes it easier to transport not just ladders but also long boards, stretches of pipe, electrical conduit, and other items. With the right rack, new and used trucks can safely transport oversized cargo, even with short beds.

3. Cargo Slides

Cargo slides don’t just reduce wear on truck beds. They also reduce the need to repeatedly jump in and out of the bed, which can take a toll on contractors’ muscles and joints. With a cargo slide, contractors have full access to everything in the truck bed from the tailgate.

Some cargo slides have integrated drawers, effectively replacing toolboxes and keeping gear organized. Others are simple, sliding steel platforms on sealed roller bearings that maximize versatility. Choose one that fits the truck’s most frequent uses.

4. Heavy-Duty Tie-Downs

Contractors who carry larger objects in their truck beds may find that cargo slides aren’t handy for their purposes. Instead of finding ways to get tools and materials out of the truck quickly and efficiently, they need help keeping larger items in place.

Heavy-duty ratchet straps are must-have accessories for anyone who plans to carry bulky cargo. Contractors should only use them with high-quality tie-down anchors and should be rated to handle more weight than contractors plan to carry.

5. Interior Protection

Work trucks don’t just take a beating to their beds. The seats and carpeting also show more wear and tear than the average commuter vehicle. Seat covers and all-weather floor mats offer protection from dirt, mud, snow, spills, and more.

Don’t feel like it’s worth the small investment? Remember that used trucks that have received excellent care from their former owners fetch higher prices. Seat covers and floor mats may seem like minor accessories, but they can preserve a truck’s resale value.

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