If there is proof and truth in numbers, Buick certainly has achieved what they set out to for the 2016 model year. This brand set records of its own in many ways, which only goes further to confirm that Buick is a brand that you can trust and one that will give you the ride you’re looking for. As a long time performer on the automotive market, Buick has often been admired for the quality and precision craftsmanship that make up the models, which are certainly two key components to the success Buick has enjoyed.

How successful was Buick in 2016? It only took this brand until September to reach over one million vehicles sold globally. This was the fastest time to reach that number in the 113 year history of the brand and showed an increase of nearly 200,000 vehicles in the same amount of time compared to the 2015 sales, which was the previous record setting year for the automotive market. Not only was this an impressive increase by the numbers, it showed a year over year growth of 23 percent, which is the highest in the industry for all major brands.

What has led to the increased success of Buick? There were several factors in creating more success than in the past, but one important factor is that Buick is a seriously trusted brand in at least two of the biggest markets in the world, China and the US. The Chinese market has become a staple of Buick success and the reward for that increase was the development of a new SUV that Buick added to the lineup which is the first to be built in China and imported to the US. This SUV is the new Envision, which showed up on the Buick dealership lots this past summer.

The new Envision slots in between the Encore and Enclave in the Buick lineup and brings us a look and feel that is purely Buick. This new SUV has been met with such enthusiasm that new models only remain in dealer inventory for an average of 23 days, which is well below the average for the industry which is 65 days. Through the September date, the Envision was on pace to sell over 200,000 models around the world as it entered its second year on the market and the first year in the US.

Another important change is the improvements made to the Encore. This small SUV has been a sales leader and has increased in numbers every years but adding a redesign for the 2017 model year that brought in a standard eight-inch touchscreen, the 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have all made it possible for this little SUV to be even more admired than before. It’s easy to see how the Encore makes these improvements that are right for those who want to drive the compact crossover and have a ride that’s similar to a sedan with increased tech in the vehicle.

The quality and value that Buick brings to the market are the main reasons for the increased sales and trust that we have for this brand. Add in the improved safety ratings as this brand is one of only a small group that has been rated highest across the board and you can see just why Buick is experiencing increased sales and trust in the global market. It’s time you check out the various models offered by Buick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find and how easily you’ll be able to enjoy the ride.