The news that the Ford Ranger is about to return to our shores and become a mid-size pickup truck that we can drive and enjoy on a daily basis has the entire automotive world in the US abuzz with excitement. Over the past few years the mid-size truck segment has become important and filled with models that have re-emerged to present us with what we want. Now that we have the GM pair and the Honda Ridgeline already selling well, Ford is about to put its name back in the hat with the Ranger, making this class of vehicle one that we can easily continue to admire and certainly will have what we want.
Knowing this class is nearly rounded out to what we had only a little over a decade ago, it seems like there wouldn’t be much more than we could want to have on the road, but that just wouldn’t be part of what we expect as Americans. The expectation is that once the new Ranger model is offered there will be variants brought to the market to be similar to what we’ve loved with the larger and best-selling F-150 model for the past four decades.

What Could the More Be for the Ranger?

The most recent news has shown us that Ford has no problem bringing a Raptor version of the Ranger that we’re still waiting for. The teaser video linked below will give you a look and feel of what the new Ranger Raptor could be when it arrives. Unfortunately, the new Raptor version of the Ranger is only slated to be in the Australian market in 2018 and no word has been shared to allow us to know when it might make its way to the US, if it does.
The new Ranger Raptor has been spied testing and it appears this truck might make its way to the US, but Ford has yet to confirm this at all. We know what the Ranger is in Australia, but we need to know this new truck will arrive in the US in a different form when its offered for the 2019 model year, which is the expected time for the truck to arrive on the market. Once the new Ranger arrives you can expect it to be a truck that is made to take on the rest of the mid-size truck lineup and perform in a similar fashion to its larger sibling.
If the new Ranger Raptor makes its way to the US, you can expect it will have an upgraded suspension with FOX shocks, more power than the standard model with a specially tuned version of the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 and the off road capabilities you’re looking for. Keep an eye on the Ranger and what it’s going to bring, this is a truck that could take the US market by storm when it arrives and become our favorite mid-size truck, especially of the Ranger Raptor model does make its way to dealerships in the US.