Have you ever done something you knew was stupid, dangerous and potentially hazardous to your health? More than likely we all have and after much time has passed we often look back on that time as either a risk we were glad was taken, either for the result or for the lesson learned. The problem with these kinds of challenges and stupid decisions is sometimes they can cost other people their lives and become very costly financially for you or another person who is involved with you.

Road racing in most places is illegal and certainly not something that anyone, regardless of the type of car they drive should participate in. There are many reasons why when you go to a track to race your car there are rules in place that require specific equipment be present in your car. Most of these reasons are so you will, hopefully, be able to walk away from the car unscathed in case of a collision. In the event of a crash the track usually has a medical staff on hand to help ensure you can be taken away to the hospital quickly and the first responders present are trained to help make sure all first aid and necessary treatments have been given to give you the best chance of survival.

Let’s forward this to the open public roads. When you start racing on streets and public roads, regardless of the country many of the items covered in the previous paragraph are missing. Most likely you haven’t taken the proper precaution with a roll cage, special seat, harness system, or a fire prevention system. Not only that but there is better than average chance you are not even properly outfitted for racing with a helmet and fire retardant suit. In this scenario if your car crashes and bursts into flames, or rolls over there is nearly no chance you are going to survive.

As for the medical care, well there is the other driver who is probably screaming away at breakneck speeds, and there are other drivers on the road. The medical staff from the hospital will take several minutes to reach you instead of a few seconds on the track. And as for the other drivers on the road, you are now putting their lives in danger because you chose to race your high-powered sports car in an unsafe environment.

The link to the video that is attached is taken from a dash cam perspective and you can see the two cars racing past. One cuts the other off and the one that was cut off swerves out of control, which actually causes it to drive into another car. The driver of the third car was simply driving down the road unsuspecting anything would happen to them when they are crashed into. Luckily in this case there were no injuries sustained by any drivers, but this could have been so much worse. Please, leave the racing to the track and keep yourself safe on the roads.

Street Racing