Backing up the Fish Story

Performance Data Recorder

Car guys and fishermen have long been riddled with the same stigma of boasting much better performance and statistics than most think possible or believable. How great would it be to have something that would help prove the performance and statistics to be true? For fishermen there are now underwater camera systems where they can record the size of fish, and of course, if they are fishing with a buddy, the smartphone can get a picture of the fish, although the manipulation of dimensions is always possible with photography as well.

Leading the technology charge, Chevrolet now has the onboard Wi-Fi system that comes in through the OnStar system to keep everyone connected, but when you own a Corvette and you are trying to show off some awesome track performance you don’t have time for juggling a mobile device, not to mention it’s not very safe to do while driving, and figure out how to record your performance. Thankfully, Chevrolet figured out a way for car guys to now have a way to show off their performance data and brag to their buddies while still being safe and secure behind the wheel of the car when taking the high-speed track lap.

The system used to record the performance information is the Performance Data Recorder or PDR. This system allows all major components to be integrated into the Corvette Stingray interior to record the data and have it available to playback and review. Regardless of how you will be using this system and the data that is recorded you can have all the information you want to either work on your own performance at the track or to ensure your friends know what a great driver you really are when behind the wheel of the Corvette.

The PDR system is made of three components to gain all the data desired. First is a 720p high-definition camera which is mounted in the windshield header trim to record the entire drive from the driver’s point of view through the windshield along with the audio from the microphone in the cabin. the second component is a self-contained telemetry recorder that uses a 5 Hz GPS which is five times faster than the in-dash navigation system and gains information about the course driven, the engine speed, gear selected, braking force and steering wheel angle. All this information helps you show off your performance to whoever is willing to listen. The third component of the system is a dedicated SD car slot in the glovebox for the recording and transferring of the video and vehicle data. The recording depends on the capacity of the card in the slot.

With the PDR system aboard the Corvette Stingray, you no longer have to be the subject of ridicule, although this is a fun and time-honored part of bragging, you now have the ability to show and share your driving abilities for anyone who will actually listen to what you have to say. Now all you have to do is find a captive audience, which might be a more difficult task than the driving was.

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