What Vehicles are the Cheapest to Insure?

2015 Dodge Journey Insurance

Because car insurance is a requirement and none of us can drive without it, we need to know what cars are going to help us by offering an ease of coverage. It’s never been a secret that as the horsepower and performance of a vehicle increases so does the car insurance rate making it very expensive to drive a high powered performance car such as many sports cars. Some cars are a lot easier to cover than others and the most affordable vehicles to insure offer plenty of excellent safety features and a mild mannered demeanor on the road.

In order to make this a fair comparison the rates from several carriers were taken into account to create an average for a forty year old man with the same coverage across the board. With this information taken into account, here are the ten cheapest vehicles to insure for 2015.

Ford Escape

This compact crossover SUV shows up in the tenth position with an average insurance price of less than $1,200 for a year. With a base price for the vehicle under $24,000 the overall cost to drive the Escape is extremely reasonable.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The SE trim level of the Grand Caravan comes in ninth with a price to insure of $1,158. As a trim level that actually offers some of the of the best equipment the Grand Caravan has to offer this is a real bargain as the SE trim shows up with a price near $25,000 as a well-equipped model.

Dodge Journey

This SUV offers some great off road features and it’s a fantastic crossover SUV in the SE trim level to show up with an insured price of only $1,149 per year. Add in the base price of the SE trim of only $25,000 and this is a gorgeous SUV that you can easily fall in love with for the price and ease of being insured.

Subaru Outback

Coming in seventh is the Subaru Outback 2.5i which offers an insured price of $1,144 per year. Having a vehicle that has standard all-wheel drive on the list helps to offer the added protection of the control the AWD gives an owner. At a price of nearly $26,000 the Outback makes a great choice in both price and cost to insure.

Chrysler Town & Country

The Touring model of this van only costs $1,140 to insure annually which puts it squarely in the sixth position on the list and make it a vehicle that is easy to live with. As a twin to the Grand Caravan, the Town & Country offers more equipment at each trim level and with a full menu of safety features this van is a great choice and easy to insure.

Jeep Compass Sport

There seems to be an underlying theme with not only Chrysler vehicles, but SUV’s and vans on the list so far. The Compass Sport is one of the most affordable SUVs on the market at less than $20,000 and the price of $1,140 to insure this vehicle lands it in fifth on the list.

Honda CR-V

As one of the most popular SUVs on the market, it’s nice to know the CR-V is easy to insure. The price per year to insure is only $1,115 and the base price of the SUV comes in at $24,000 making it one of the most affordable vehicles on the market for a great deal of owners to fully enjoy.

Jeep Patriot Sport

As an offroad focused crossover Jeep the Patriot Sport offers a price of only $1,104 per year to insure. With a very enjoyable base price of only $18,000 the Patriot makes a great choice and is one of the best values in the class for both insurance and vehicle pricing.

Honda Odyssey LX

The Odyssey has become a favorite minivan for those who are choosing not to get one of the Chrysler offerings. The LX trim level is considered one of the best and shows up with a $1,103 price to insure and has a starting price of $30,000 which is the highest on this list, but offers a great deal of great features and equipment to enjoy.

Jeep Wrangler Sport

Whether you are surprised or not, the Wrangler is the cheapest of the vehicles for 2015 to insure showing up with an annual insurance cost of only $1,080. The Wrangler Sport shows up with a starting price of less than $24,000 and has a ton of great off road capabilities. Higher trim levels of the Wrangler are also fairly cheap to insure.

As you can see, insurance companies give a benefit to those driving vehicles that offer off road capabilities, a low price tag, and are built for family travelling. This is certainly a consideration to keep in mind when you are looking for insurance on your new vehicle.


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