Do You Know How to Use the Performance You Bought?

Do You Know How to Use the Performance You Bought

When you look at a vehicle that offers impressive features and power that allow you to take on some of the tougher driving situations and have the most fun you can on the road and out in the wilderness, it could be a good idea to have the knowledge needed to use what you’ve just purchased. We’re taught at a young age how to drive on the roads in a conservative manner that will keep you safe, but you need to know how to drive a high-performance vehicle. Thankfully, here are ten that come with complementary driving school instructions for you:

Aston Martin Vulcan – This car is one that you’ll only be able to drive on the track, which makes you think it’s one that will only be purchased by those who already know how to turn a fast lap, but that’s not always the case. You’ll be able to head to the Yas Marina F1 course in Abu Dhabi for the professional instruction you need to learn to handle this impressive car.

Cadillac V Series – The V-Series models from Cadillac represent some of the most incredible power you can have from a typical production name. The Cadillac V-Performance Academy is located at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Nevada where you can have two days of instruction to help you know how to handle skids, slalom, and a variety of steering exercises.

Dodge SRT – Dodge isn’t going to leave you to your own devices when you choose one of the high-performance models from their brand. You can head to the Dodge SRT High-Performance Driving School that’s been developed by the Bondurant Racing School for the SRT vehicles. This is a one day course that covers accident avoidance, skid car, autocross, lead and follow, and hot laps.

Fiat Abarth – Choose the Fiat 500 Abarth or the 124 Spider and you’ll have the benefit of the Fiat Trackside Experience which has also been developed by the Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, AZ to give you a full experience and instruction to allow you to know how to make use of the added fun and excitement that’s under the skin of these Fiat models.

Ford F-150 Raptor – You might not think an off-road truck is something you need to learn to drive, but the Raptor is more than your typical off-road model. The Raptor Assault owner program is part of the Ford Performance to give you the benefit of extensive instruction at the Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville, UT.  This is where you can learn to crawl and make high speed runs on various terrains in your Ford F-150.

Ford Focus and Fiesta ST/ Focus RS – The hot hatch models from Ford should be simple enough to drive, but with the proper instruction, you can have even more fun in your little performance car. Head to Grantsville, UT and check out the ST Octane Academy where you can learn to drive on a track, corner hard, and skid the way you could enjoy out on the track and some roads.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 and GT350R – This is another car you’ll buy that will have you heading to Utah to learn the finer points of driving the car. This is where you’ll attend the Adrenaline Academies that are one day track and classroom instructional days to help you learn how to get the most out of this high-performance sports car that harkens back to the days of Carroll Shelby.

Mercedes-AMG – While this is a German company, the instructional course applies to AMG models that are purchased in the US. The AMG Driving Academy Basic Training is offered at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Atlanta to make it so that you can learn how to drive your new car and have the most fun you can. This course makes use of the entire track to show you what you need to know.

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