Saving Whats Most Valuable to You

The flooding and devastation that has ravaged the Houston, TX area over the past week make it extremely difficult to fathom what people are dealing with in this area. Some families have lost everything and were unable to make any preparations to save property they might find valuable while others took many steps to try and save some items from what was originally expected to only be about a foot of flooding. Now that the rainfall and flooding reached well over three feet in some areas, those that took precautions may have felt their preparations were lost.

The Value of an Item

In no way are cars more valuable to anyone that a family member that can’t be replaced. With that said and the fact that the next most valuable item, a home, can’t be moved, lifted or put out of harm’s way, some people felt the precautions they wanted to make had to do with their vehicles. By moving to the cars and trucks that a person or group of people wanted to save, one many took necessary precautions to save a trio of vehicles that he loves only to find he had to do more to save the items that he valued the most.
Cody Crochet is the proud owner of two BMW E36 M3 models and one BMW X5 SUV. Prior to the devastating hurricane making landfall he took steps to make sure his furniture and his vehicles were going to be out of harm’s way if the projected rainfall flooded the area by a foot. Unfortunately for Crochet, the flooding reached a level that was much more than what he thought it would be and more steps needed to be taken to help save his vehicles.

What We Do for Love

There’s no denying this man truly loves his cars. The track M3 that he owns appeared to be safely situated on the trailer outside where it was well above the flood level. Unfortunately, it appears the X5 might be in the most danger of being a drowned car while the garaged M3 is getting close. You can follow his actions during this video to see what this man chose to do to make sure Hurricane Harvey wasn’t going to be able to take away his cars and cause him to love the items that he loves the most.
There’s no doubt that Hurricane Harvey has taken all the worldly possessions from some people and caused them to need to be relocated and need to find a way to begin once again from the start, but this man worked hard to find a way to save his vehicles as you can see from the video. In the long run and the overall scope of things, this is a small item, but the fact that a man would work as hard as Crochet did to make sure his cars were out of harm’s way is impressive and certainly disheartening to see because of the level of devastation this area has felt during this hurricane.