02.19.16 - 2016 Honda Pilot

Reaching the largest SUV in any product line often gives us a vehicle that is more of a box on frame and closer to a truck than at any other point in the lineup. For this reason it may be a serious positive that Honda has never built a typical box on frame truck; which means they don’t seem to know what this build would be. Instead of these typical SUVs, when you reach the height of the Honda lineup you will find the Pilot which is the largest vehicle in the Honda arsenal, but it’s not like other large vehicles.

The Pilot has been a stand out ever since it entered the market and is actually rated as a midsized SUV. This great SUV has been named a best buy by KBB in this class, which puts another feather in its cap. Why is the Pilot a best buy winner; because this SUV is one that will easily keep its value after you are ready to trade it in on a new one and while you do own it the Pilot offers impressive performance numbers for you to make use of and enjoy.

You can easily see why this SUV is a one that offers the build you want and the drive you will enjoy as soon as you sit behind the wheel. The smooth driving feeing has been a feature of the Pilot for many years to make this a vehicle you can seriously enjoy and afford. With the starting price around $31,000 and a full top out price of $47,000 the range for the Pilot is easy to understand and afford when you are shopping in this category of vehicles. So what does it feel like to sit in the Pilot?

When polled, previous owners have stated this is a vehicle that feels a lot like a luxury build, and this came from owners who have enjoyed luxury vehicles on numerous occasions. Many times this level of a vehicle will feature plastics panels on the inside, which the Pilot does not, making it a smooth vehicle with amazing soft materials and panels to give us a look we are sure to enjoy. Another nice feature is the fact you aren’t faced with a massive number of buttons and levers for the controls, instead you have a touchscreen interface that handles nearly all of the controls and easy to understand.

The Honda Pilot is a large, smooth riding, nearly luxury SUV that gives you everything you could want for the ride. Is this the right SUV for you to drive? It’s certainly worth a look and a test drive to find out if the top of the Honda lineup will perform well for you and earn the best buy credentials that have been donned on this vehicle. When you shop in this class you owe it to yourself to have the best ride you possibly can to have the SUV that is right for you to drive.