02.24.16 - 2016 Honda Civic Coupe

It’s been a hot hatch, it’s been a sedan, it’s been a coupe and it’s been a convertible; the Honda Civic has been one of our favorite cars on the road for over four decades and is still one we love to drive. While the previous version of the Civic was somewhat boring and uninspiring Honda went back to the design table with the new Civic and brought us some seriously improved styling and now its offered once again as a Coupe to give us the sportiness we want from this gorgeous car that we have enjoyed for so many years.

This new coupe is exactly how Honda is fulfilling its promise to offer us a car that is more exciting than ever before. With a long hood and a forward design the style and feel of this new Civic Coupe is exciting. When you look at this car you have to be overcome with feelings of desire to drive and the Civic Coupe certainly matches that desire by being a car that wants to show you what it can do. While this is still actually a compact car, this is one that will make you want to skip out on work for the day and just drive.

Under the hood of the Coupe is the exact same powertrain lineup as found in the sedan. This gives you a familiar powertrain to be able to choose the one that will work best for you. Whether you look to the Civic Coupe to be a sporty ride that has an efficient powertrain to give you the best fuel mileage or you prefer to find joy in the fact you can whip this car around corners and take off with some energetic power this car feels great and gives you the familiar ride of a car that has sold at a high rate for many years.

With any car that is offered as a coupe one of the biggest demerits you find is in the backseat. This is one area Honda spent some time and now gives rear seat passengers a full five additional inches of legroom over the outgoing coupe model. This is a dramatic improvement in order to give more comfort to those who are relegated to rear seat riding. Overall the interior of the Civic Coupe is eight cubic feet larger than the previous one which makes a huge difference.

As one of the most affordable sporty cars on the road today the Honda Civic Coupe could be a favorite as a first car or be one that makes a great gift to a graduate getting ready to start their first job in their chosen field. This is also a car that many current Civic owners will look to for their next wave of driving fun. Which category do you fit into? You don’t actually have to fit into any category, just drive this awesome new Civic Coupe and see what it’s all about; I guarantee you will fall in love with this new version as much or more than any car you ever owned.