03.09.16 - Lazareth LM 847

Actually, this vehicle has four wheels, but it looks like it could ride on two, if those two were extra wide and super supportive. The Lazareth LM 847 is a sports bike that has some uniqueness to it to give us a look at what can be done with the very least amount of protection and sanity.

Even though this sport bike does have four wheels, they are put so close together it appears this beast will lean a lot like most sport bikes. With only a frame and an engine, just like any motorcycle, the Lazareth has the most insane engine ever put in any form of a motorcycle. This beast rides with a massive 4.7-liter V8 engine that comes out of the Maserati collection to give us a bike that could be the bike that is nearly impossible for anyone to harness the power of.

Lazareth is a French motorcycle and automobile customizing company that now gives us a motorbike that will give us a ride the just might be impossible. Why is that the case? The power coming from the engine that was used in the older Quattroporte models produces 470 horsepower and 457 lb.-ft. of torque. That is a lot of power for a car and on a bike it’s just crazy. Imagine sitting on top of this massive engine that can shoot you down the road nearly as fast as a cannon ball can be shot, maybe even faster.

For a reference, the highly regarded and ultra-powerful Ducati Superbike Panigale R has 205 horsepower and will reach sixty mph in only three seconds. Imagine what more than twice the power could do in the LM847.

Without a doubt this bike is really more for show than it is for riding, to let us see exactly what Lazareth can do and what their definition of a superbike is. The LM847 is on display at the Geneva Motor Show to allow a closer look at the bike and maybe even learn some of the specs of the bike and what the expected speeds and results are.

I certainly hope if Lazareth ever expects this bike to hit the streets they have an awesome suspension and a way for the rider to harness this much power. As it stands, there is no way this bike will make it to the roads anywhere in the world; leaving it to become a bike that is one which may up in a museum in France someday, but absolutely is not one that anyone can ride.

What does the LM847 remind you of? If you are a fan of the Batman movies with Christian Bale as Batman, this bike does look a lot like what the Batmobile transforms into during some of the scenes. It seems riding the LM847 would be just as mind boggling as having a car that sheds its skin to turn into one of the most amazing bikes ever to be shown on the big screen.