2016 McLaren 650S: The Powerfully Exotic Sports Car You Want

06.14.16 - 2016 McLaren 650S

The singular look that McLaren vehicles bring to the market gives us something to admire that we have never seen before. As a newcomer to the exotics McLaren has been in the racing market for many years and built their reputation on offering the market some of the most perfect cars on the road. The 650S is a model that we have enjoyed for several years already in the Coupe and Spider versions that is now paired up with the 675LT that is track ready model that has all the performance on the track that we want to see with the added power and the lower weight. Is this the high class exotic sports car for you, let’s take a look and find out.

As with any powerful exotic the first thing you want to know is what is under the hood, or in the case of the 650S and 675LT what is positioned behind the drive. The base engine that we find in the 650S is a 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine that gives you 641 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque. This awesome power is pushed through a dual clutch seven-speed automatic transmission giving you plenty of ability on the road.

For the 675LT the power comes from the same engine that is tuned up a bit to give you a full 666 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque to be an evil combination of sinister power. The same transmission is offered on this upgraded model that is made for the track and weighs in at 200 pounds less than the 650S. This special performance model has the ability to reach sixty mph in 2.9 seconds and take you to a top speed that is 207 mph to be a speedster that you can certainly admire and enjoy.

Before you run out and put all your money down on either of these McLaren models you should know the price these models come in at. The 650S starts out around $273,000 for the Coupe and the Spider shows up with a bit of a higher price at $288,000. When you want to enjoy the track model the coupe version of the 675LT will cost you $353,000 while the Spider model comes in a at a price of around $372,000. These prices do put the McLaren model in line with other exotics from names that have been around for many years.

The McLaren 650S is a car that you can drive easily. This car has the amazing power of being a super exotic that gives you the confidence you can enjoy the ride on any and every road. Because McLaren knows the owners of their products will have the confidence to drive them they have fitted the cars with some of the best features to ensure you can keep the car on the ground. This includes a low front splitter, an awesome set of brakes and the air flow that is needed to give the car the downforce that will ensure the back end won’t get loose on the track.

As for standard features you already know about some of the performance pieces but there is much more to this car than that. You will be able to enjoy 19 and 20-inch wheels, a Proactive Chassis Control, semi-aniline upholstery, carbon ceramic brakes, a seven-inch navigation system touchscreen, dual zone climate controls, Bluetooth connectivity, a Meridian four-speaker audio system with a hard drive. The upgraded model is lighter and has Alcantara covered interior features including the steering wheel and shift knob to give you the standard features you want to have in a great sports car.

The options of this car allow you to customize the car any way you want. For the price you pay for this car you should be able to customize it and you can do so with a Surround Sound Meridian audio system and a wide variety of coverings for the interior, colors for the exterior and front and rear parking sensors. This car has tons of carbon fiber pieces that are great for you to enjoy on this awesome sports car.

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