Racing the Hyundai in Rally Car Style

01.09.17 - Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC

The FIA World Rally Championships (WRC) is one of the most exciting and adventurous racing circuits in the market today. This is where you find many of the small but agile competitors that are able to bring you the race you want to see and the excitement of twists and turns that test this agility to its absolute limits. You can be a fan of racing or you could say you don’t enjoy racing, but this is a completely different style than what you find at most tracks around the world. When you see WRC races you are sucked into the action in no time at all.

The WRC now has a new competitor in the mix to challenge the longstanding models that have been part of WRC for many years. Hyundai has built the i20 Coupe to start racing on this circuit and give us an additional team that will thrill us with the quick turns, short jumps and impressive spins that keep you glued to the race to see what’s going to happen on the course next. This new car was revealed on December 1st at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy media event to allow this new player the view in the spotlight it deserves.

This isn’t the first entry for Hyundai, but it is a new one. Hyundai has been competing in WRC since 2014 with the i20 WRS and then the New Generation i20 WRC which competed in 2016. With the WRC new technology regulations this new car will be on the course in no time to bring us the excitement we want to enjoy form an active car that’s ready to head straight to victory lane after taking down all the competition at the track.

The new regulations for 2017 are meant to help improve the sporting and aggressive style of the WRC cars by allowing an increase in power of 80 horsepower to a total of 380 along with new technologies and aerodynamics that make these cars more active and faster on the track. The weight required for these cars has also been lowered to give us race machines that are lighter and more powerful. I don’t know how you feel about WRC racing, but lighter, more powerful, more active and more aggressive are all aspects that will make me want to tune in and see more WRC action this next season.

If you watch the racing actin of WRC, take notice of this new Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC that ripping around the course making it toward the front of the pack to bring home the hardware for this racing team. This new era for the sport will be fun and exciting and Hyundai certainly seems to be prepared to be one of the names that become a mainstay on the WRC racing circuit each and every year in the future. Hopefully, there will be a subdued and public version of this car that is brought to the market for us to enjoy the ride at some point in the future, until then; we can simply admire it on the WRC course.

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