The 2017 Dodge Cars and What’s New

01.27.17 - Dodge Viper

Dodge has been a brand of imagination ever since the brothers got together to bring us performance vehicles that we love to drive. Dodge has been at the forefront of many of the design and developments over the course of automotive history to bring us the vehicles that we’ve wanted to drive more than others. Over time this brand has given us several great developments including trucks that have become the Ram brand, the longest running minivan that we loved in the Grand Caravan and a host of SUVs that have been admired and built to handle the needs of a growing family.

During this same time the cars from Dodge are performance oriented and ready to take off as soon as you hit the accelerator. Aside from the Dart, which is no longer built, the Dodge cars that have been on the market for the past few years have given us more performance and power than any other collection that’s not a supercar trio. That’s saying a lot considering Dodge only has three cars with its name on it right now. Let’s take a look at what these three vehicles give us for 2017 to enjoy when we buy one from our local dealers.

ChallengerThe return of this muscle car name was met with the catcalls normally reserved for excited construction workers. No doubt the world was ready for a high performance muscle car from Dodge to return to the lineup when the Challenger returned. For 2017 this car gains the upgraded Uconnect infotainment system which brings in more processing power and the benefit of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which is presented to you with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display. the T/A performance special edition model is also added to use a performance exhaust and two headlight intake tubes for you to enjoy the added power.

ChargerThe Charger has been everything from a Police Cruiser to a family sedan to the massively powered Hellcat model that’s the big brother to the Challenger. This four-door beast receives the same infotainment system upgrades as the Challenger and will also bring in a special edition as the Daytona model. This Daytona kit will add Hellcat style in the front and rear of the body; add matte black covers on the roof, hood and trunk while adding the Super Track Pack to the mix giving you a car that’s a blend of many of the Charger trims.

ViperUnfortunately 2017 will mark yet another end to the storied Viper. This is a car that brings in the supreme power and challenging drive we want on the track along with the ability to slice its way through the course. This V10 sports car will offer us six special editions for 2017 to celebrate the end of 25 years of excellence. These models will be the Snakeskin Edition ACR and GTC, the Dodge Dealer Edition ACR and the VooDoo II Edition ACR giving us a great menu of fast and special cars to enjoy.

These three cars all epitomize what the Dodge brothers were after when they chose to build their own variety of high performance machines and make them in a way that we can enjoy them on the road or at the track. As we say farewell to the Viper this is certainly a car that will head off into the sunset in a superfast style that we love. With the Charger and Challenger we get to continue to enjoy the ride and the new and classic names that keep on being offered for these two impressive models that we love.

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