The Volkswagen Platform is an Exciting New Offering

02.24.17 - Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

The move forward that Volkswagen is in making electric vehicles that will bring us the new and fuel efficient rides we’re looking for. The design has been completed for the modular MEB platform that will bring us EV models that are simply based off this platform and not bring us something that was built off a previous platform to be made into an EV. This new build is going to revolutionize what Volkswagen has to offer and give us several new models over the next decade across at least for of the brands of the Volkswagen Group.

The other brands that will use this new MEB platform will be Seat, Audi and Skoda. This new platform was shown off at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to give us a close up look at what it will offer in the form of plug-in vehicles going forward. The only place this new platform doesn’t seem to appeal is with the Porsche brand where it’s unlikely to find a home at all. The MEB platform will be an impressive addition to the market and give us more of what we want.

Right now the goal is to start selling EV models by 2020 under the Volkswagen brand name. This platform is modular enough to be able to be the basis for electric versions of the Golf, Tiguan and Passat in the future. Skoda has announced it plans to have as many as five new plug-in models by 2025. This is really just the beginning for Volkswagen which plans to use this new platform to unleash as many as thirty new models over the next ten years and make a serious impact in the zero emissions market which has been growing in numbers over the past several years.

The concept vehicle that VW brought for us to take a look at is the new I.D. Concept. This is a vehicle that uses this MEB platform and is similar to the BMW i3 in the size and shape. This vehicle came to the Paris Motor Show for the enjoyment of our approval and is a vehicle that certainly appears to be something special. This new I.D. concept is expected to be able to drive for nearly 373 miles on a single charge to be a car that you’ll love to drive when it finally makes it to the market if it does.

As we close in on the 2020 model year you can certainly expect to see more concepts from VW and their brands in order to give us a look at what might be the future of Volkswagen. The brand that has been our favorite in the world since World War II will continue to offer us a lineup of great vehicles to drive and enter the EV market with its new platform and lineup. I expect more models to show up at the future show locations, giving us an important and enjoyable way to have the ride we want.

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