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A Hatchback for the Modern Age

Hyundai veloster Zombie Apocalypse

There are a variety of three door hatchback cars on the market, but how many of them can say they’ve been made into a Zombie Survival Vehicle courtesy of Hyundai’s app made specifically for fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead?  The answer?  Only one of those hatchbacks; the Hyundai Veloster.  While three of Hyundai’s cars were eligible for Zombie Apocalypse upgrades, via the Hyundai Walking Dead Chop Shop app, the Veloster Turbo was a very popular choice.  Over 35,000 cars were built and customized using the app, with the Veloster ranking highly in social shares.

Hyundai began visualizing the Veloster with a concept car shown at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show.  With prices initially starting around $17000, this little hatchback hit the market in 2011, and promised something new from the niche market.  The newest Veloster to hit the auto scene is the 2016, offered in both standard and turbo editions, starting at $18000 and $22000 respectively.  This year’s design will also offer a Rally Edition that features a racing shifter, red accents throughout, and sport tuned steering and suspension.  With eight funkily named and fun colors, the Veloster is surely going to be a game-changer for Hyundai.

The standard Veloster starts with 1.6L GDI engine, which offers 132 horsepower and 36 miles per gallon.  GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection, which basically means it’s faster and powerful, but doesn’t eat as much gas as a standard engine.  Hyundai engines have been named to the Ward’s Best Engine List a handful of times since 2009.  Drivers will also get the distinct sense of a high-end car given the optional 6-speed EcoShift on regular and rally models or the seven speed dual clutch transmission available on the Veloster Turbo.  Selection of the standard transmission will have drivers in complete control with a speed manual.

With four trim levels, the front-wheel drive Veloster has something to please everyone.  On all trim levels, except the standard Veloster, drivers can expect an inline 4-cylinder turbo engine.  There are also two different packages offered for the standard edition Veloster to add desirable features.  The style package adds alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof, Hyundai’s BlueLink system, and an auto-up driver’s side windows.  In conjunction with the Style package, the Tech package adds rear parking sensors, a navigation system, proximity key, and a 90 day trial of Sirius XM radio.

The Veloster advertises itself as a three-door car, but casual observers would find it nearly impossible to spot the third door without hopping in.  Hyundai designed the Veloster in this manner deliberately, in order to maintain the exterior sporty styling of the car.   The three different alloy wheel options dependent upon trim level accentuate the smooth curves of this energetic little car, and even adds the availability of custom painted wheels.  From the back, the Veloster ups its intimidation factor by adding dual chrome exhaust pipes, squared off in the Veloster, and rounded in the Turbo version.  Low to the ground but wide enough to be intimidating the Veloster is making it clear, it’s not afraid of anything.

The specific design of the Veloster makes it possible for the interior to be as roomy as possible.  Gone are the days of the cramped feeling that used to be standard with hatchbacks.  The backseats also function on a split fold basis in order to accommodate anything you may need a little bit of extra room to carry.  A 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system comes standard in the Veloster, and offers a rearview camera as well.  The Rally and Turbo versions of the Veloster offer seating with contrasting colors to round out the richness of the interior.

Never one to short their drivers on technology, the Veloster is outfitted with what Hyundai is calling more than a steering wheel.  It has audio controls, cruise control, and Bluetooth controls are mounted right at fingertip range, so that drivers can easily access those features without their hands leaving the wheel.  Using a technology called Gracenote, drivers are able to control their music selection with the sound of their voice, or they can control what’s pumping through the high-quality speakers by connecting their cell phone to the USB port.  For IPhone users, the Veloster has developed a system that allows users to access Siri with the available navigation system.

Packed with safety, tech, and convenience features, the Hyundai Veloster is not your average three door hatchback.  With interior space to spare, your super tall friends will still be comfortable.   For drivers looking for a fun ride inside a super energetic and power-packed vehicle, the Veloster is just the vehicle you’ve been searching for.  So saddle up, and get ready for a heck of a ride!

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