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What We Learn We Can Also Destroy

11.21.16 - The Grand Tour - 2

The first season of the new show “The Grand Tour” is about to be offered over Amazon Prime and it will feature the loveable trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May who are the original Top Gear group. This trio has shown us a large number of vehicles and took us on tours that resulted in the drive and the destruction of more vehicles than you could ever imagine. If Amazon was worried about the number of vehicles they would need to support this show, they should have looked at the years of destruction that was already part of their resume.

While these guys are certainly highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the features and performance of many of the different automotive models on the road today, they also have an affinity for breaking things. Over 22 seasons of Top Gear they have destroyed numerous vehicles in a wide variety of ways, which certainly made it entertaining for any of us to turn in to this group and see what they would break next. There was hardly a show that went by where they didn’t find some creative way to destroy a vehicle and it seems the same will go for their new show.

The numbers are in and the first season of The Grand Tour has already been recorded. During the recording process of this show the team drove 1,474,546,320 miles, which seems close to impossible, they consumed 14,951 cups of coffee, which is much more likely and they found a way to destroy 27 vehicles in the process. It’s not so much the fact that they destroyed this number of vehicles that makes me want to watch the new series; its how they found a way to destroy so many cars during the show.

This new show from this trio is supposed to take the road trip even farther and not only show you the great vehicles that are on the market around the world but also give us a look at the culture of different areas of the world so that we can enjoy what other countries have to offer while learning about the vehicles they drive. This alone sounds like a pretty good education and tour around the world, and anyone who’s seen these guys in action knows how much fun they can be to watch, but the additional benefit will be the amazing performance on camera of vehicles being destroyed.

To get a taste of what they have done in the past to vehicles and what they are capable of, check out this video. They have burned, crashed, crushed, and slammed torn, wrecked and dropped vehicles in a variety of ways all in the name of destruction of the construction. This new version of what we’ve loved for so many seasons is sure to keep your attention and have you looking to enjoy a great ride full of entertainment and awesome car explosions and crashes.

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