More than Just a Racing Division

05.15.17 - Costa Mesa, California

If you’ve seen the TRD letters on the side of the Toyota model you’re interested in or that you see driving on the road that means this vehicle has parts and engineering that has come straight from the Toyota Racing Development division. This division is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA and it offers us the dynamic approach to the drive from the Toyota vehicles that we love to drive. Seeing these letters on the side of the vehicle you want means you’re going to enjoy the ride and be able to create the performance you want with the right vehicle for you.

If you thought the TRD only meant you were getting a vehicle that came from the development of the Toyota Racing Development team you would be partially correct. Even though this team is headquartered in California, they also have offices in Salisbury, North Carolina and an interest in some of the most famous racing in the world. The have been part of the racing development that you enjoy on the television on a regular basis for the past several years. This team is the one that was part of the support of one of the most impressive single events in racing history.

During one weekend, Kyle Busch, one of the most famous NASCAR drivers in the world, set an impressive record. As you may have noticed, some drivers just can’t get enough of racing around the track. When that’s the case they step into every vehicle offered to them and during one single weekend in 2010 Busch raced in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the Camping World Truck Series race and the Nationwide Series race. Amazingly, he took the checkered flag at all three races and Toyota’s Racing Development team was there for the weekend at all three.

TRD does more than just help develop vehicles that have the ability to allow you to enjoy a more active lifestyle and help some of the top names win races. This division of Toyota is capable of raising money to help kids. Each year the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race is held in Long Beach, California for the participants to raise money for Racing for Kids which is a national organization that supports children’s hospitals in Southern California. Each participant earns $5,00 from Toyota which goes to the Miller Children’s Hospital of Long Beach and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Toyota Racing Development has raised millions of dollars in support of Racing for Kids to help improve the research and fund the programs needed at these hospitals. The next time you see the TRD on the side of a vehicle, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, remember these three letters stand for much more than just the development of racing parts that are used in your car. These letters represent an organization that’s dedicated to being the best and supporting not only your driving efforts but those of some of the best drivers in the world as well as working hard to support kids who need it in the hospitals mentioned.

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