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Green Manufacturing in Mississippi

05.08.17 - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi

As more companies work to produce more products per year the importance and focus is on putting off less waste than in the past. The largest companies hold more of the responsibility than the smaller ones, but every company needs to work toward protecting the planet and when a new facility is built efforts and programs must be put in place to reduce pollution and landfill contributions in order to help save the planet and build a better future. Toyota has embraced this thought process and works to make more if its plants offer green programs than ever before.

One of the newest plants from Toyota is the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMMS) plant which is located in Blue Springs, MS. This plant is where new Toyota Corolla models are now being built and have been for the past five years. The investment in this plant comes to nearly $800 million for Toyota in a plant that employs 2000 people and is able to produce 150,000 vehicles per year. This isn’t all that makes this newest Toyota plant, which is now nearly five years old, one of the most impressive from this world renowned automaker.

The size of the Mississippi plant comes to an astounding 1700 acres which is nearly the size of 45 football fields. This is the tenth pant from Toyota and it continues to show the commitment Toyota has toward the US market and the development of vehicles in the market that they are sold in. This new facility has helped the town of Blue Springs prosper and enjoy growth over the last five year, which has translated into growth in surrounding towns and cities as well. Even though that would be impressive enough, that’s not all that makes this young facility one that you should be amazed by.

The TMMMS plant is a zero landfill facility. This means the plant doesn’t add anything at all to the landfills of the area and has found ways to either recycle or reuse everything that would be considered trash from the facility. The green earth and open sky surrounding the area of the Blue Springs has inspired the leaders of Toyota to preserve and protect this area and help keep the land and air as clean as possible. Because of this, and the additional jobs that adding this plant created, Toyota received a warm welcome when they arrived and continue to be an admired community partner for Blue Springs.

The need to be green and do business in a way that helps to protect the plant is a philosophy that needs to be embraced by all manufacturers as we move forward. The automotive market is bringing use more green cars than ever, and these cars need to be built in facilities that take the environment seriously. As you can see, Toyota certainly takes the area it builds in seriously and is working toward a cleaner planet in the future so that we can all continue to live in a better world.

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