The Leaf is Looking to Show Off

The Leaf is Looking to Show Off

When it comes to driving an EV model the first one to be mass produced and be successful on the market is the Nissan Leaf. As the most popular EV model in the world, Nissan isn’t about to give away this particular crown to the lies of the Chevrolet Bolt or the Tesla Model 3. In order to keep up with these two and to create an amazing amount of exceptional buzz around the new Leaf, Nissan is working and offering up a teaser set if images along the way to the final unveiling which will take place on September 6.

It’s easier than ever for a brand to release a bit of information at a time and the Nissan Twitter account now shows us what the new grill will look like on this EV model, allowing us to admire the smooth design and the feel. Because of the new competition, the Nissan Leaf has felt the pressure and the need to be better and offer more range than ever. Long gone are the days of being able to have 100 or fewer miles of range and be considered a car that’s right for you to enjoy in the EV marketplace.

Not only will we continue to have images offered via the Nissan Twitter account up to the release of this new Leaf, but we do know some of the numbers and what Nissan has been up to. This car is expected to retain its hatchback design while using some of the inspiration from the Nissan IDS concept and Micra when it comes to the styling offered. This new car will offer the look that will make current owners ready to trade in their older model Leaf cars for a new one and give the rest of us a great third choice when it comes to the drive we want.

One of the most important features that have been offered for the new Leaf is the ProPILOT Assist feature. This is expected to a new semi-autonomous technology that will allow self-driving on the highway. This new version of the Leaf will offer a driving range between 210 and 220 miles which will put it right on pace to have just as much range as the new Tesla Model 3 and only a few miles less than what the Chevy Bolt has to offer you when you want an EV that you’ve been familiar with.

You can expect to see more images and maybe even a few videos before we get to the show on September 6 where we get to see this amazing EV unveiled. There’s no doubt the Leaf will continue to be one of the most loved EV models on the market and this new model certainly gives us the right way to enjoy what we’ve had for a while. The Frankfurt Motor Show is the location where we’ll see this car and those of us that love an EV model and want to see continued success for this one and for others are looking forward to this new reveal.

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