More Competition Being Rolled Out

Whenever an automaker creates an impressive performance machine that can offer us the drive and the excitement we want typically captures our attention first but is quickly followed by one quest.

Once we’ve gathered our thoughts, captured our breath, and allowed our hearts to slow back to a normal pace, the question that always arises with a performance vehicle is “can we make it better?” This one question has led to a variety of special models that are built with incredible items that can be offered to increase the track and road performance qualities that we already admire.

The team at BMW has been answering this question for many years. We’ve seen many versions of the cars they build to bring in performance packages and speed items to offer us more of what we want for the drive. There has even been a package that allows a pair of SUV models built by BMW to be more active and impressive on the roads and on the track.

Because the Competition Package has been successful in the M3 and M4, the plan is to expand the use of this package into more models in the lineup.

Where else will we see the Competition Package?

In the M3 and M4, adding this package to the vehicle allows the car to experience an increase in power to 444 horsepower, enjoy lightweight seats, and ride on wider 20-inch wheels along with some design changes that make the vehicle appear more aggressive.

So far this package hasn’t been added to the SUVs but there appears to be a pair of models that are poised to accept this package and give you the ride and the quality you’re looking for when you head out for a drive in one of these SUV models.

The X5M and the X6M are the two largest SUVs models in the lineup. Typically, that would mean you shouldn’t add performance to the vehicle because of the possibility of rollover that can take place in most of the higher-riding models that sit up and take notice on the road. These two BMW SUV models could be the right place to put the Competition Package because they are built with a wider stance that’s hunkered down to be able to hug the curves.

This stance reduces the possibility of rollover significantly, allowing performance items to make perfect sense. BMW could add this new package to the X5M to start with because a new generation of this SUV is scheduled to arrive next year. The likelihood seems slim and it’s more possible that we will have the Competition Package added to the X5M a couple of years after the new model is offered for us to have an enjoy an excellent ride around the track.

There seems to be a demand for faster, performance-focused models from BMW that practically stop your heart. Adding these items to the X5M will give us more of the insanity we’ve been looking for so that we can have the drive that’s active on the track.

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