Drive a Tank

Drive a Tank

There are some off-road areas that require you to have a vehicle that is massive and ready to tear up the wilderness when you want to explore. If you feel like you need a tank to get the job done and plow through the hard to travel areas, you don’t need to look to a military surplus auction, just turn to the team at Rezvani Motors to be able to have the vehicle you want for the trails you’ll want to create on your own with a vehicle that can get you to the wilderness you want to explore.
The new product from the company that has a Lotus-based 400 horsepower sports car that wears a lightweight fiberglass body is called the Tank. The Tank is what you’d find if you were looking for a Jeep Wrangler that had taken too many steroids. This massive and incredible beast of the wilderness is one that can be the most fun for you on the trails and allow you to find a way to create your own path to wherever you’re trying to go for the fun an exploration that you’ll want to experience on the weekends.

What is the Rezvani Motors Tank

This big beast is a massive SUV that will cost you $178,000 to purchase. The power comes from a 6.4-liter Hemi tuned V8 engine to produce 500 horsepower. This incredible power is what’s needed to force the 37-inch tires to be able to crawl and ride over everything that you want to tackle. This big beast comes with a six-inch lift kit and an optional ballistic armor protection for those times when you can actually need protection from live fire, which hopefully won’t happen often at all when you head out into the wilderness.
Underneath this impressive beast is a Dynatrac ProRock 44/60 axle set with electronic lockers, a pair of 1350 driveshafts in the front and rear, 2.5-inch remote reservoir shocks that come from Fox. This is what you’ll have on the base model and you can opt for bitter tires, a 60/80 axle set with air lockers and air compressor, 1410 driveshafts in the rear, a Dynatrac ProGrip brake kit and a set of Fox 2.5-inch internal bypass shocks with DSC. Either way, you choose the setup of your Tank you’re going to have the ability to be able to head out to wherever you want to go for the drive.
Other items you could have in your Tank include an integrated LED bar, head-up display, a leather interior, powered suicide doors, and the Flir thermal/night vision system. The frame for this SUV comes from the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited model which was used to make sure the SUV would be street legal when it heads out on the road. If you’re ready to have a big and powerful choice for the trails you want to experience, choose the massive size and power of the Tank and let this Rezvani product be the one you’re going to love to drive.

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