Dealer's Journal GMC,Industry Continuing the Excellence of the Acadia

Continuing the Excellence of the Acadia

Continuing the Excellence of the Acadia

The first generation of the three-row SUV of the GMC Acadia was one that showed off a great deal of success. For the 2017 model year, this impressive SUV has been redesigned to be a new model that enters its second generation. The question that typically arises when we see a model redesigned is whether or not the new version is going to be able to be as good or better than the previous version. That was the question that came up with the new Acadia which was quickly put to rest in order to give us a look and a vehicle we want to drive.

Expectations and Reality

If you’re expecting the same size and capacity in the new Acadia as what we had in the past you will be a bit disappointed. This new version of the SUV offers a smaller footprint and a lighter weight to make sure you can have the driving dynamics you’re looking for. While the new Acadia has less cargo capacity for you, it still has the benefit of three rows of comfort to make sure you have the passenger space you’ve been searching for in a mid-size crossover SUV.
Looking for the powertrain you’re going to see an engine that smoothly delivers you the 310 horsepower you’ll want to experience on the roads you drive. As a rugged model from GMC, the Acadia continues to be one of the vehicles you know you can trust and now you’ll love the smooth feel of the drive with the adaptive magnetic suspension that handles the corners will and makes the drive perfect for you. You’re going to feel like this SUV drives smaller than it is while still providing you with the comfort and quality you’ve been searching for.

Packed With Quality

Step into the cabin of the GMC Acadia and you’re going to find the long list of features you want along with the comfort that will make sense to you on the road. This excellent model shows up with comfortable seats, an engaging infotainment system and intuitive controls that provide you with the equipment and items you’re going to love on the roads in your area. Those in the rear seat can be comfortable as well whether they sit in the captain’s chairs or on bench seats in the back of your SUV that works perfectly for you.
Over the first generation of the GMC Acadia, we saw an amazing and impressive model that gave us the size and comfort we desired in a rugged vehicle. With this new model, we see the new build that’s more active on the road while offering the dynamics you want with features that make sense, impressive handling and the comfort you’re looking for. Come in and see your nearby GMC dealership and let them assist you in choosing the right version of the GMC Acadia for you to drive and experience out on the roads in your area.

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