GM and Honda Moving Forward Together

Honda Clarity EV

General Motors and the Honda Motor Company have joined forces in a effort to get an edge in the production arena of EV models.
For the past several months nearly every automaker in the market has announced they plan to offer an extensive electric portfolio over the next few years to give us more electrified vehicles than ever before. The challenges that have faced automakers with this goal thus far have a lot to do with the batteries that are used and their overall efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to charging and powering a vehicle for a long period of time. This has led to some partnerships that you might not expect to see in the automotive world.

If we turned the clocks back nearly thirty years, you’d never see the likes of Ford and GM partner together and certainly wouldn’t expect Honda and GM to get together either. As the lines have blurred and more manufacturing plants have been placed in areas that are in regions that aren’t part of their domestic territory, the automotive world has become more collaborative. We’ve seen the Toyota and Mazda brands get together to create vehicles, have witnessed Toyota and BMW join up for a new pair of sports cars, and have seen GM and Ford join up to create new transmissions.

The Results of Collaboration

In a recent announcement, GM and Honda have created a partnership to develop new battery components for the EV models of the future. These two automakers have proved they have an established history of making the right decisions with regards to battery power for vehicles. The GM and Honda collaboration will build on the joint venture that’s taken place between the two to create advanced hydrogen fuel cell systems that will arrive in vehicles around 2020 to give us another alternative fuel source that might be right for the driving experience we have on the roads in our area.
With GM and Honda working together for a new advanced chemistry for battery components, including the cell and module, to create an acceleration for both companies when it comes to the all-electric vehicles of the future. The idea is to deliver batteries that have a higher energy density, smaller packaging, and faster charging capabilities for the future. These batteries will mainly be used in the North American market, but will likely also be used in some global applications as well. If successful, the batteries used will be exactly what is needed to further the conversation and make sure we have a range that’s similar to current gasoline models.
The collaboration will be based on the GM next-generation battery system, with the intent of Honda to source the battery modules from GM. This will create a scale and global manufacturing that will be efficient and affordable for both companies. With this joint venture, EV models of the future from GM and Honda will be more affordable than ever and give us exactly what we want when it’s time to head out for a drive. The vision for the future of driving is with electrification, and these two giants of the industry will partner together to make it a reality.

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