A Move for Cadillac

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac is the luxury arm of GM, and it has always had its own personality and qualities that make the brand stand out against the rest of what GM has to offer.
Four years ago, the Cadillac team moved their headquarters to New York to be closer to their target customer base in one of the most affluent parts of the country. This move was made to set Cadillac apart from the rest of the GM brands, but it seems the team needs to move back to Detroit to ensure a smoother communication process between Cadillac and other GM brands.

An Immediate World Requires Older Communication

In 2018, you would think that leaders of different parts of GM would be able to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions quickly with the use of the technology offered. It seems that Cadillac has had trouble getting decisions made quickly enough and the current president of the brand, Steve Carlisle has decided it’s time to move the brand back to Detroit to be closer to the GM headquarters. This will ensure the lines of communication can move quickly and more easily between the parent company and this brand.

Sharing More Means More Communication is Needed

While the move to New York not only allowed Cadillac to be near the luxury brand customers that it wanted to attract, it also made it possible for the brand to attract some executives from other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hennessey. Unfortunately, the Cadillac sales have declined over time and there’s a need to be closer to the rest of the GM brands to ensure a smoother and seamless communication process. Because of this, Carlisle has made the decision to bring the brand back to Detroit to be able to improve the communication process.

Where Will Cadillac Call Home?

The Cadillac brand will be placed in the new headquarters in a renovated space in the Warren, MI area near Detroit. This will allow the brand and its leaders to be closer to the GM technical center. The need to be near the design and engineering teams of GM is evident and will allow Cadillac to continue to develop and offer more models in the lineup that is growing for the future. This is only the first of the big moves for the new leader of the brand, which gives us an idea that he wants to ensure his team is working alongside the rest of the GM brands.

Does This Mean More Models?

The current Cadillac focus offers us the feeling that this brand is working toward more small SUVs for us to drive along with replacements for the current sedans and cars that we see on the market. The future of this brand is in these two categories and with the sharing that has taken place between Cadillac and Chevrolet in recent years, it makes perfect sense for this brand to move to the Detroit area and be able to collaborate in person on a daily basis.

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