There are many that will tell you the current version of the BMW 3 Series is a car that will give you an excellent drive but isn’t quite as engaging as the original model that was dubbed the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Those folks may suffer from a bit of nostalgia, and that’s ok, but the 3 Series of today is an excellent choice when you want to get out on the road and have a drive that will offer you the fun and performance of a sports luxury sedan that you adore.

Why is the BMW 3 Series one of the most fun cars to drive on the market? This car is a midsize performance sedan that’s offered with the right powertrains and the wheelbase that allows you to have an incredible experience when you head out for a drive. There’s also a ton of safety included to give you the peace of mind to know you’re going to be protected in an accident and hopefully avoid one in the first place. There are some specialty models offered including the Gran Turismo hatchback and the 3 Series Sports Wagon that give you something even more interesting to take on the road.

As a car we’ve enjoyed driving for many years, the BMW 3 Series is offered with some upgrades for 2018 that can make the drive even better for you. This car now has a new touchscreen display that works with the iDrive controller, a newly standard rearview monitor, and LED headlights. If you choose the 320i model, you’ll have LED fog lights which replace the traditional fog lights to give you a fantastic look. These upgrades to the 3 Series allow you to have the drive you want when you head out on the road.

The Variations of Luxury You Can Choose in the BMW 3 Series

One reason we love to shop for the BMW that we want to drive and choose the 3 Series is the number of extra choices that can be made. This car is offered in the sedan form as the most recognizable of the builds, but you can also have a versatile hatchback called the Gran Turismo and an AWD sporty Sports Wagon that makes it easy for you to head onto gravel roads and dirt trails to take your 3 Series to the spot in the backwoods that you want to enjoy for the weekend.

Over the years, the BMW 3 Series has been one of the most impressive and desired luxury sports cars on the market. With the evolution as a family sedan and a car that’s needed to be more capable, we see a car that can meet several driving needs. Check out the 3 Series you want to drive at your nearby BMW dealer and let this become the right car for you. You’re sure to have a huge smile on your face when you take this car home with you and start your own Ultimate Driving Experience.