The Genesis G70 Offers a Spectacular Dash

The Genesis G70 Offers a Spectacular Dash

The newest member of the Genesis brand is the G70. This is a car that’s built to directly compete with the BMW 3 Series on all fronts, and Genesis has made no secrets about this fact at all. In fact, if you’re tired of the same boring look of the BMW models, the new Genesis G70 is so close in performance that you should choose this car to be the one you want to drive. The new G70 brings you power, precision, class, and style, and now it also offers a new dashboard that will eventually make its way to our market.

Starting in Korea with the G70 Dash

Genesis has created a new 3D digital dashboard that will show up in the 2019 model year versions of the G70 in Korea. This new dashboard is a 12.3-ich cluster of features that offers several themes to choose from with the look you want. These gauges change with the mode you drive in to match the mode which means you’ll have Modern, Comfort, Smart, Space, Eco, Edge, and Sport modes fort he dashboard readouts that you can admire and enjoy and have the gauges that make sense.

What would make sense in each of these different modes? Think of the Sport mode and view and you might see a g-force meter in the front of the center area of the display. In Eco mode, you’d likely see a gauge that tells you how efficient the car is driving at the time so that you can squeeze out the most miles per gallon of gas. With this new feature, you’ll have the gauges that make the most sense up front so that you can have a drive with the display you need in that mode.

Not Yet Approved for the US

Even though the new 3D digital dashboard hasn’t been approved for the US market, we should expect this feature to make its way to the G70 models of the future. Maybe we will see it in the 2020 model year after the South Korean market has lived with it for a year and the kinks are worked out. Even though it’s not been approved, it’s certainly exciting to see that Genesis has included a dashboard look that will give you the personality of the car to reflect the mode you’re driving in on the road.

Is the New Dash Competitive?

BMW does offer a new digital cluster display with different backdrop themes and layouts right now. This new dashboard look for the Genesis G70 is a step upward and forward beyond what BMW happens to offer. To say that BMW is squarely in the crosshairs of Genesis would be putting it mildly. This new 3D dashboard is certainly going to be a great way for the company to move upward and have more for the driving fun and excitement on the road. Hopefully, it will be approved for the US market in the near future so that we can enjoy it as well.

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