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Style Upgrades to the Upcoming GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia

One of the most popular SUVs on the GMC lineup is the Acadia. There is plenty to like when you explore this SUV inside and out.

This impressive SUV is the compact model that allows you to have the roominess you need, the cabin that can carry plenty of cargo, and the powertrain that brings you the efficiency you’ve been looking for.

The Acadia is fun to drive and it can be taken to many areas on and off the roads for you to have the adventures you’ll want to experience when you drive. For the upcoming model of the Acadia, style changes are evident and will be included.

Caught with Limited Covering

Not long ago, the new GMC Acadia was seen with minimal camouflage offered on the front and rear of the vehicle. This is an SUV that we hadn’t seen out on the roads during testing for nearly six months, but with a new testing mule out on the roads with limited coverings, we can see more of what this vehicle will offer. It appears the sides of the vehicle aren’t being upgraded because no covering was placed along the doors or around the windows of the most recent model to head out on the streets.

Look at the Front of the Acadia

What we can surmise from the look of the new refreshed front end of the GMC Acadia is that it will have a new, boxy grill that looks intense. This grill has a pair of horizontal slats that separate the grill into three sections, each of which has a mesh covering. There are thick borders at the top that are split into two sections at the bottom. The fog lights appear to have been shifted downward to flank each side of the lower grill. The headlights have also been updated to be more angular in their shape.

Looking at the Rear of the GMC Acadia

The rear offers some updates as well with new taillights that offer a more vertical layout than the design we have now. The exhaust ports offer a rectangular shape to them, which is similar to the current GMC Acadia Denali trim that we see on the market right now. There might be refreshed powertrains offered when this new model arrives, and we expect to have more tech inside the SUV, but we haven’t seen any news of these two upgrades as of yet.

When Will the New GMC Acadia Arrive

The newly refreshed version of the GMC Acadia will likely show up at one or more of the auto shows during the 2019 calendar year. This will make it a model that could be included in the 2020 model year for us to have more of what we want to enjoy. As we get closer to when this SUV will show up, we will learn more about what it will include and the new tech that should arrive as part of the package. Look forward to more information if this is the SUV that you’re going to choose as the one you want to drive in the future.

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